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The third installment of the Real Talk Drives Real Change tour pulled up at the Miller Theater in Philadelphia, where NewsOne and Chevrolet teamed up to tackle the very real issue of mental health and raise awareness around the topic.

Therapist and mental health advocate, Celeste The Therapist; journalist, Gia Peppers; TV host and author, Mike Hill; pastor and gospel artist, Tye Tribbett; and spiritual teacher and thought leader, Bishop Carlton Pearson, sat down with host, pop culture expert and political analyst, Mike Muse, to discuss science, therapy, spirituality, and ask how they can co-exist for people of color.

The nourishing but nuanced conversation opened the audience’s minds to think a little deeper about how they are approaching their mental health.

The safe space allowed our panelists to open up and peel away their vulnerabilities in front of engaged Black folks looking to take leaps forward in understanding mental health.

“When you’re going through your dramas you’re not only affecting yourself but also the loved ones around you,” Mike Hill said discussing the struggles that convinced him to write his book.

“Sometimes as Black folks, we’ll suppress things. We will say ‘it’s ok, give it to Jesus and God will take care of it,’ but it’s still in the back of your mind, it’s still in your body and in your energy. Black people are the strongest people on the face of this earth. But we take on all that negative energy and just hold on to it for so long that we don’t truly let it go.”

Real Talk Drives Real Change Tour Philly- mental health

Source: iOne / iOne Digital

When discussing the intersectionality of religion and spirituality, the panelists discussed bridging the gap between the two and how that can make for a more sound mind.

If we’re talking prayer and spirituality, we’re looking at gods, angels, the good side,” said Tye Tribbett when discussing battling your thoughts in a religious context.

“But the reality is that there’s also an evil side, there’s also an enemy. There’s also an enemy of our souls, our minds, and of our lives. These enemies also have tactics and ways to attack us mentally.”

The panelists also stressed the importance of finding peace in spirituality even when you may not be in traditional therapy.

“One thing that we have power over is our mind and unfortunately, we’re not doing things to feed our spirit,” said Celeste The Therapist. “When we’re hungry we know to go to the refrigerator, but we struggle spiritually, we struggle with what to do because we haven’t been taught. But there are ways to do that. There are practices, deep breathing, nature. We have things surrounding us that can help. Nobody gets paid to talk about sleep, nobody gets paid to talk about walking. Think about what am I doing to feed my mind and how am I being intentional about it every day.”

Watch the amazing conversation below. You might want to get your notepad ready for this one, it’s full of gems.

Together we can drive real change. To learn more about all the topics discussed on each stop of the tour and how you can help, go to Real Talk Drives Real Change by clicking here.


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