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Twitter Drags Kyle Rittenhouse

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Perhaps not since George Zimmerman has there ever been a bigger crybaby who got away with killing people than Kyle Rittenhouse.

It’s not enough for the teenage Kenosha shooter that he’s been embraced by the right-wing world of white nationalists who treat him like some kind of discount Jesse James folk hero—he still feels the need to be the whiniest of whiny little brats because everyone else hates him. Apparently, it surprises Rittenhouse that being the only person to kill people during civil unrest didn’t earn him much love from the general public.

Since Rittenhouse was acquitted of murder charges he has whined about President Joe Biden not responding to his requests for a meeting. He has boohooed all over LeBron James for making fun of the fake tears he cried during his trial. He has cried the saltiest of white tears over civil lawsuits filed against him while begging for money in a pitiful failure of a GoFundMe campaign. On Thanksgiving, Rittenhouse promoted a video game that featured him as an armed character shooting turkeys. Only the turkeys weren’t really turkeys, they were the “fake news media” who have ruthlessly persecuted the poor little tink-tink. (The only thing more embarrassing than the game itself, is the corny AF ’80s-style commercial he and the manufacturer filmed to promote the game.)

And now, this fool thinks he’s Jesus.

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. John 15:18,” Rittenhouse tweeted quoting a Bible verse. “All the harassment I receive makes me wonder if it would be easier to stay quiet about my values and beliefs. But then I remember that God sent His Son Jesus. who experienced the hatred of the world first.”

Admittedly, I’m no biblical scholar. So, maybe someone can help me out and point to the bible passages where Jesus Christ crossed state lines into Bethlehem with a deadly rifle and shot two people and injured a third during civil unrest over police brutality and then spent the next couple of years promoting himself based on the violent act.

Obviously, the fine folks aren’t buying Kyle the Kenosha Khrist’s martyrdom complex, and they are dragging him like Jesus got dragged to the cross Rittenhouse is desperately trying to hoist himself on.

It probably doesn’t help that Rittenhouse has extended this obnoxiously dull episode of Everybody Hates KKKrist by tweeting random bible verses for no discernable reason except to bolster his persecution complex.

Also, Rittenhouse going out of his way to mention that his favorite movie to come out this year is Top Gun probably didn’t help his cause either.

You don’t get to intentionally troll and egg on your detractors and then cry about how everyone hates you.

There’s a reason for the hate against Rittenhouse, and it has nothing to do with Jesus.


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