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A pair of cousins from Indianapolis deserve high praise for their swift action in finding a lost infant right before Christmas. It’s the kind of touching story that would make for an excellent Christmas movie.  

While police declined to confirm how the baby was discovered, reporting by The Indianapolis Star gave insight into the two Black women who made a Christmas miracle happen. Shyann Delmar and her cousin Mecka Curry heard about the kidnapping in Columbus, Ohio, but neither imagined they would be the key to finding the missing infant. 

Twins Kason and Kyair went missing from Columbus last Monday. The five-month-old twins were in the backseat of their family’s vehicle when it was carjacked. Kyair was left at the Dayton International Airport. (It’s definitely worth reading the full report here). 

From the Indianapolis Star:

Delmar and Curry said they came up with a plan to take the woman to a store and call police to arrest her there so they wouldn’t be traced as the people who called her in. First the cousins called Columbus police, who told them to call the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. When they called Indianapolis police, the women struggled to get the point across that they believed Jackson was in their car. 

They got frustrated and hung up, and took the woman to several more stores hoping she would shoplift and draw authorities’ attention. They worried taking her to a police station might cause her to run. 

Curry said throughout the shopping trips, she made calls to detectives trying to relay all the information she received from her cousin about their belief “Mae” was the suspected kidnapper. 

Several news outlets reported baby Kason’s rescue but did not mention the women’s heroic efforts. The framing originally made it seem the police just happened to find the missing baby all on their own. What remains clear, the police finding the missing child wasn’t a mere coincidence or an act of God.  

Even the account reported by the police themselves seems to indicate they just happened to find him. There was no mention of Delmar and Curry discovering baby Kason and flagging down nearby police.

Detailed reporting from the Indianapolis Star revealed how the cousins moved on faith and ingenuity and traced the kidnapper’s steps looking for the stolen vehicle in hopes of finding the missing baby. Thanks to them, a family was reunited in time for Christmas, and the twins thankfully did not suffer major injuries in the ordeal. 

“Top of the line detectives” Delmar and Curry also shared their story in a 16-part story on TikTok.

These women deserve all the flowers and appreciation!


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