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Gary With Da Tea has plenty to spill on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show as multiple celebrities are facing some serious backlash online right now.

First, Gary fills you in on what Akon recently said in an interview with Joe Budden and his views on women, specifically when it came to relationships, and dismissed the notion of gender equality.

Questioning how men and women can play the same role and where is the balance. “As a woman, her role is to support the man. The men, we are the kings and the divine of this universe, a woman can never to compare to the man. They have to understand that here in America.”

Later in the interview, he shares an interesting take when it came for men not needing women when it came to reproduction, which is the other quote that left many scratching their heads.

“Let me give you the example of the science of it. A man right now can create life without a woman, but a woman can’t create life without a man. He continues, ‘If I wanted to create life right now with a woman, I would shoot my sperm, put it in an incubator and give it nine month, even maybe less with today’s science, and a baby will be born….A woman can’t do that. So men, we are the creators of life in actuality”…

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In other news regarding celebrities who seem to stay trending online is Kylie Jenner, who found herself swept into online controversy when she wore a noose-like Givenchy necklace while out in Paris. This also comes after the recent breakup rumors with her daughter’s father, Travis Scott.

Sit back and catch up on all this and more with Gary’s Tea and subscribe to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show YouTube channel.


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