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Apparently, Tucker Carlson just couldn’t let Jason Whitlock be great.

On Monday, we reported that the Fox News host sat down with Whitlock, who decided to offer what appeared to be the worst possible take one could have on the police-involved death of Tyre Nichols. Whitlock essentially blamed the instance of horrifically violent police brutality at the hands of Black Memphis police officers on Black single mothers and Black-on-Black crime. One could (and should) argue that Whitlock’s take was irrelevant to the actual issue, but when it comes to the sunken place’s favorite new correspondent, anti-Blackness is pretty much always the point.

Well, it appears that Carlson decided he wasn’t going to let himself be upstaged by a Black man who dabbles in white nationalism. Instead, he decided to re-introduce himself as the ultimate gatekeeper of white grievance reporting by offering his own supremely bad (and racist) take on Nichols.

From HuffPost:

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday worked a racist joke about George Floyd into a hot take about the police killing of Tyre Nichols and the Biden administration’s response.

The Fox News host accused the White House of crisis-hyping. He said now that President Joe Biden was ending national and public health emergency declarations for COVID-19, he’d have to pivot to a new emergency: “white racism.”

“White racism is getting harder to find,” Carlson said just before displaying a clear and easy-to-find example of white racism. “Very few unarmed Black men are killed by white cops these days. Where’s George Floyd when you need him?”

First of all, the police-involved killings of Black people are hardly the only examples of white racism in America. There’s also the Republican war on critical race theory and Black history, racial profiling by cops, Karens and white vigilantes, racist voter impression laws, and, of course, CARLSON’S ENTIRE F****** PLATFORM—just to name a few things. 

Secondly, the extrajudicial killings of Black people by police officers are not the only examples of police brutality or racism in policing. There’s also, again, racial profiling, stop-and-frisk, disproportionate policing of Black neighborhoods and the instances of police brutality that Black people survive.

Lastly, why is Carlson randomly bringing George Floyd into his racist white nonsense? It’s almost as if he’s having such a hard time spotting the white racism he thinks is “hard to find” (to be fair, he probably doesn’t keep mirrors in his house, and if I had his goofy haircut, I wouldn’t either) that he’s intentionally provoking Black people so we can call him anti-white names, so he can then call us the real racist.

Meanwhile, we recently reported that Floyd’s family would be attending Nichols’ funeral—because they’re still greatly affected by the systemic white racism Carlson can’t seem to find. (Again, he should probably tune in to his own show sometime.)


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