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Did y’all ever notice how often Donald Trump plays the race card?

Understand, Trump is perpetually drowning in legal scandals. He’s always being investigated for one thing or another. He was impeached twice while serving as president. He’s had so many frivolous lawsuits tossed by judges that Trump suits are essentially the litigation version of junk mail. And all the while, Trump complains. Trump claims to be the victim of a “witch hunt.” He believes they’re all out to get him. Trump’s massive ego can only be eclipsed by his massive persecution complex.

But it’s only when the legal officials handling his cases happen to be Black that he throws out the word “racist” without bothering to explain where exactly race even comes into play.

For example, when New York Attorney General Letitia James proceeded with an investigation into the Trump Organizationwhich has been accused of dubious business dealingsafter a suit Trump filed to quash the case was dismissed, Trump threw a temper tantrum and inexplicably called James “racist” via his Truth Social platform.

He also referred to James as “Letitia ‘Peekaboo’ James,” which made no sense because that’s not a nickname she goes by. My guess is either Trump, being the world’s biggest man-baby that he is, really misses the childhood game, or he was trying to figure out whether to call James a “pickaninny” or “jigaboo” and decided to split the difference.

Anyway, now Trump is calling Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is Black, racist for inviting him to testify before a grand jury in New York over his alleged involvement in hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels during his 2016 presidential campaign. Once again, Trump took to his favorite white nationalist echo chamber to, without explanation, call Bragg racist and whine about his own former lawyer, who he allegedly made the payments through, being called as a witness.

From Newsweek:

On Thursday evening, Trump took to his Truth Social media platform to repost claims he had made five days earlier, in which he claimed Bragg was “relying on the testimony of a convicted felon, disbarred lawyer, with zero credibility”—a reference to Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer who admitted to making the payment and previously implicated Trump.

He called Bragg, the first Black Manhattan D.A. in the history of the office, “racist” and accused him of not caring about what he said were record levels of “violent and vicious crimes being committed in Manhattan”. “He only cares about ‘getting Trump’,” he said.

Newsweek also noted that if “charges are brought, it would make Trump’s the first indictment of a former president, and could damage his hopes of retaking the presidency in the 2024 race, where he remains the only big name to have declared his candidacy in the Republican primaries so far.”

Anyway, back to the whole “racist” thing.

Trump also recently used his platform for aggrieved white men to refer to Black Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis as a “Racist District Attorney” without explaining what makes her racist. Willis launched an investigation into whether Trump interfered in the 2020 Georgia elections.

It’s obvious that Trump is just looking at Black faces impositions in power and, since the first thing he notices about them is their race, he just reflexively calls them racist. In fact, Trump’s claims of racism are so obviously racist that even a former GOP strategist can see it.

From Raw Story:

That language is no accident, argued former GOP communications strategist Tara Setmayer on Thursday’s edition of MSNBC’s “The ReidOut.”

“He’s gone right to the race card,” said anchor Joy Reid. “He’s gone right to ‘they’re racists.’ As silly and Trumpy as that is, it’s also dangerous at a time when we face the largest increase in racist violence and threats from white nationalism. This is what the FBI director, Christopher Wray, has said. Donald Trump would use that to his advantage if he were indicted. Correct?”

“Absolutely,” Setmayer said. “That’s not you or me saying that. That is the law enforcement professionals who study this, who are paid by the taxpayers to make sure that the American people are fully aware of what the threats are to the country, domestic and abroad. That’s what they have said. We didn’t make it up. So we can see with our own eyes the type of extremism that Trump and Trumpism has ginned up during the era of Trump on the political scene.”

“We could have predicted what his response was going to be,” continued Setmayer. “As soon as we saw that the prosecutors happened to be African-American in all three cases here, which are the biggest legal threats to Donald Trump yet, you could have predicted what he would say. And you know what, it’s so typical because you know what an average white guy fears more is successful people of color who are in positions of power. So yeah, he should be afraid of them, because they are actually excellent at what they’re doing. And they have evidence against him that, for once, he may actually pay a price. And there’s nothing worse for Donald Trump, not only could he potentially be held accountable, but by people of color. This is par for the course for him. He’s been a racist his entire life, all the way back to his first time on the front page of the New York Post because of racist housing policy with him and his father in the ’70s.”



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