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Maryland Gov. Wes Moore says the state is ready to protect reproductive rights for women, as access to an abortion pill nationwide is on the line while people wait for the ruling from Texas.

Since Roe v. Wade was overturned last June, anticipation is building in Texas as a federal judge gets ready to make a ruling that could potentially restrict access to a widely used abortion pill nationwide.

The judge, who was appointed by Trump, recently heard arguments challenging the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of the pill and whether to ban sales of the drug, including in states where it is legal.

The pill is currently available by mail even in states where abortion is illegal. However, the FDA argues Mifepristone is safe and effective and is approved up to the 10th week of pregnancy.

Moore called the lawsuit an attack on women’s rights to make their own health decisions.

“Attempts to restrict access to mifepristone are not based on scientific justification—these are nothing more than politically motivated attacks to dismantle women’s rights to make decisions about their own health care,” Moore said.

Moore reiterated that Maryland remains a safe haven for abortion along with reproductive health care access. Additionally, the governor added that Attorney General Anthony Brown is taking action by joining in on a multi-state lawsuit challenging restrictions on the pill.

The Texas judge said he would issue a decision on the lawsuit “as soon as possible.”

Defending reproductive rights is on-brand for Moore, whose successful gubernatorial campaign emphasized healthcare among other issues he said he planned to prioritize as chief executive of the mid-Atlantic state.

Moore, who was sworn into office in January as the United States’ lone Black governor, has a history of championing social justice issues in addition to his stated plans addressing the economy and climate.

Prior to his entrance into politics, the then-social entrepreneur and author famously launched The Black Voices for Black Justice Fund with actress Kerry Washington in 2020 amid the unrest stemming from harrowing incidents of police brutality. The fund is designed to support activists and grassroots organizations on the frontlines fighting against injustice.

“The Black Voices for Black Justice Fund recognizes and supports the incredible work that’s being done by everyday heroes at the grassroots level,” Moore said in a statement at the time. “In order for our communities to exceed the level of greatness we all aspire to, these voices must be elevated, supported and heard.”


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