Civil Rights advocates praised Wed Moore after the Maryland Governor signed executive action pardoning 175,000 Maryland residents.

An exclusive interview with Maryland's governor.

Gov. Wes Moore called the abortion pill lawsuit an attack on women's rights to make their own health decisions and vowed to defend reproductive care in Maryland.

Maryland's first Black governor is 44 years old.

Democrat Wes Moore won his election to become Maryland's first Black governor and just the third-ever Black governor elected in U.S. history.


Maryland’s Republican nominee for governor, Del. Dan Cox, fell flat trying to woo Black voters at Morgan State University, Maryland's largest HBCU.

Good News

Kerry Washington and Wes Moore have launched a new fund to support activists and organizations on the frontlines fighting for racial justice.

From There’s lots of buzz these days about author Wes Moore. His new book, The Other Wes Moore, has reached the top 10 of the New York Times best-seller list.