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N-word Sequoia Middle School

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Another day, another so-called “educator” who thinks it’s their God-given Caucasian right to use the N-word repeatedly in front of students, including Black students. But this time the teacher wasn’t satisfied just using the slur herself, so she also felt the need to adamantly instruct a student to use the word as well.

According to ABC 7, the episode started when a language arts teacher at Sequoia Middle School in Fontana, California, had her class reading a Mark Twain novel. It’s unclear which book was being read, but if you ever had to read a Twain novel in school, you know that pretty much all of them took place during the American good old days white conservatives wish the country would return to when white people could call a Black person the N-word without anyone making a fuss.

Anyway, one student apparently made the teacher’s day when they asked about the spelling of the slur they had just read giving the “educator” the opportunity she had been waiting for to start dropping n-bombs at will while grinning from ear-to-ear.

“The teacher got in front of the class and she was saying that the word is just an English word and everybody can say it if she wants to, it’s in the dictionary, and people are oversensitive over the word,” said the Black student who recorded the slur-slinging teacher with her cell phone camera. “She was trying to force him to say the word and she repeatedly kept saying it and she had a smirk on her face. I was just thinking, ‘Dang, this teacher is out of her mind.'”

Nah, she isn’t out of her mind. She’s just white, privileged and entitled, and she had a racist itch that she badly needed to scratch vigorously. All she apparently needed was for one student to ask about the N-word, and the skies of caucasity opened up, and a mighty rain of racial slurs did fall. According to the student, she used the slur “15 or more” times.

I mean, just look at the smile on the teacher’s face. She’s like a child who woke up on Christmas morning to find the N-word pass she asked Santa for under the tree.

As usual, there’s really no telling how the teacher will be disciplined if at all. According to ABC, the Fontana Unified School District said in a statement: “While we acknowledge that this derogatory language comes from a novel first published in the late 1800s, and that historical context is important to consider when discussing literature, the district does not condone the language that was used in the video or using that language outside of the context of discussing the novel.”

Yeah, it really doesn’t matter when the novel was published. There’s no context that makes it OK for a teacher to start spewing the word as if her classroom doubled as a Jim Crow fantasy camp.

Black people are so tired of having this conversation about white people keeping the N-word out of their mouths. But when a white teacher of Black students can’t stop themselves from saying it, there really doesn’t need to be a conversation. Just fire them and be done with it.


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