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Three Tennessee Lawmakers Face Expulsion After Joining Gun Protest

Democratic state Reps. Justin Jones (Lower, L) of Nashville and Justin Pearson (C) of Memphis gesture to supporters during the vote in which they were expelled from the state Legislature on April 6, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. | Source: Seth Herald / Getty

What’s going on in Tennessee right now is a perfect example of how white conservatives aren’t actually against “cancel culture” like they purport to be. It all just depends on what and who is being “canceled.” On Friday, we reported that House Republicans voted to expel Reps. Justin Jones (D-Nashville) and Justin Pearson (D-Memphis) for leading an anti-gun protest on the House floor in the wake of the Nashville elementary school shooting last week. Jones and Pearson have more in common besides their first names and the fact that pro-gun Republicans who are, apparently, only part-time First Amendment advocates voted overwhelmingly to expel them. They’re both Black, unlike the white Democrat, Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-Knoxville), who Republicans failed to expel despite the fact that she also engaged in the protest.

Of course, that’s not terribly surprising considering the fact that House Republicans failed to take any action at all against one of their own, Rep. Justin Lafferty (R-Knoxville), despite the fact that white Justin was caught on camera assaulting Jones during the chaos.

Anyway, since Klan-cel culture appears to be alive and well in the state that was already on a lot of folks’ “block” list due to egregiously bigoted anti-LGBTQ and anti-drag laws, “Boycott Tennessee” is now trending on Twitter.

Besides the fact that they appear to be deathly allergic to even a hint of discussion on stricter gun laws amid school children dying violently, Tennessee Republicans need to just admit they saw two Black men on the House floor with their fists in the air and they got their triggered Klan-derwear all in a noose-knot over it. It’s just comically ironic how so-called pro-life and anti-cancel culture Republicans are out here officially canceling Democrats for being more pro-life than they are.

Of course, since Republicans pretend to be just as blind to their own hypocrisy as they are to their racism, queerphobia, and voter suppression fetishes, they’re likely only going to acknowledge the calls to boycott Tennessee as an example of the overly sensitive seeking to “cancel” anything they don’t like.

The only thing worse than a conservative snowflake is a conservative snowflake with legislative power.


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