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It should come as no surprise that a population that treats the Earth as bad as it does seems so overwhelmingly misogynistic in general.

America has historically treated white women as 2nd class citizens, so with the race/gender dynamic causing Black men to come in 3rd class, the Black woman has historically ended up on the bottom of the pile.

Now, if we’re to believe (and ‘believe’ is the key word) some of the data about the condition of Black women that has been coming out recently, we’d have to wonder why anybody even bothers with them.

One report says that by 2034, 100% of Black women will be overweight.

Another report says that a single Black woman’s median wealth amounts to a total of $5.

A third report says that 48% of Black women have the virus which causes herpes.

Black women are, in no fancy language, fat, broke and disease infected. They’re also Black so they’re clearly stupid.

It’s as if there’s a psychological terror campaign aimed directly at Black women. And as anyone knows, the first goal of terrorism is to cause true believers to lose faith.

Now, if you’re a Black woman, the most rational thing to do would seemingly be to realize that ‘scientific studies’ have manipulated data for years towards the scientists’ own ends. As recently as the late 1800s, scientific racism was used to suggest that Blacks were intellectually inferior to whites specifically because our faces were thought to slant at an 80 degree angle.

It might also be healthy to remember that normally, it’s the kid with the most potential that gets teased and lied about the most severely by children of far less talent and beauty.

What would be dangerous, reckless and insane would be for Black men to use any or all of this ‘information’ as justification for distancing themselves from the Black woman.

If the condition of Black women was truly as dire as all this ‘evidence’ seems to suggest, there is no way that a Black woman could produce a child of either gender that would be of any worth.

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