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A Black woman on TikTok has gone viral for a controversial video. Over the Memorial Day Weekend, a user named @BlkGirlTragic took to the platform to share her thoughts about the polarizing Citi Bike debacle involving a white Bellevue worker named Sarah Comrie and a young Black rider.

The user claimed that the viral incident was a prime example of why “white women are one of the most dangerous groups in the United States and abroad.”

The TikToker claimed that Comrie put the young Black rider and his associates in harm’s way by accusing them of stealing the bike. She also called out white people for defending Comrie’s behavior.

“Notice how white people were laying and waiting for some little nugget of information that was going to absolve this white woman of taking accountability for the harm that she put this boy in. Whiteness is a cult and they will always come to the defense of their cult members,” she said while referencing the receipt Comrie shared with the New York Post hoping to maintain her innocence.

“This evidence that people are now getting on here to push to say that this white woman is innocent actually doesn’t prove anything at all. But it does prove the lengths that some of y’all will go to to protect white women,” @BlkGirlTragic added.

“It’s wild to me how people still see black people is one of the most violent groups when actually the most violent among us has the inability to hold their community members accountable for the ways in which they treat other people. You know who you are.”

White social media users call out Black TikToker.

While some people agreed with the young woman’s views, several people slammed the influencer for her “racist” remarks. One user claimed that the Black community was far more violent than white women.

On May 18, a GoFundMe campaign was created to help Comrie raise money for her legal fees tied to the viral incident.

The fundraiser, which was spearheaded by her uncle Bob Roe, claimed that the hospital worker’s “lively hood and reputation” was damaged by the ordeal. Comrie was placed on leave from her job as a physician assistant at Bellevue after the video of her struggling to take the Citi Bike from the young Black rider went viral. Surprisingly, support has been pouring in for the white employee.

As of May 30, the campaign has generated over $131,000, skyrocketing past its initial goal of $120,000.


Black TikTocker doubles down on her controversial video.

In a follow-up post, @BlkGirlTragic told her followers that racists and naysayers had been flooding her page with disparaging remarks since posting her controversial video. But the Black TikTok star didn’t shy away from the comments made in her viral post. Doubling down on her comment, the influencer said she had no regrets about making the bold statement.

“Whiteness is a cult that feeds into by white supremacy,” she argued while calling out all of the naysayers online. “Your intimidation tactics doesn’t change historical facts. The cult of whiteness has been spread globally and all it has to do to maintain itself is recruit new marginalized groups.”

The TikTok user continued, “Recruiting people from marginalized groups keeps the cult fat and happy because it can then pit those individuals against other marginalized groups. It promises these marginalized people with safety and security by giving them proximity to whiteness– and a lot of marginalized people buy into this.”

She added, “Are you starting to feel that knot in your chest? Yeah, that’s fact hurting your feelings. But that doesn’t make it any less of a fact. Whiteness is one of the most dangerous cults because it is backed by a system that offers them safety and security. And it protects them from consequences. Hope liberals post this one.”

Watch the full video above. What do you think about this woman’s statement?


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