A TikTok video begins with Black children crying and a man shouting to a white woman, "Welcome to the neighborhood, Karen!" 

Waymond "Chef Way" Wesley, a TikTok chef and Texas prosecutor, resigned after backlash from his old tweets disparaging Black women.

TikTok Chef Way got cooked by Black Twitter for old tweets about Black women.

The optics are damning from this clip allegedly recorded at Tennessee State University.

Some users say TikTok's new boyfriend-haul trend is rife with racism and hurtful commentary that can be compared to slavery.

The influencer known for misogynistic content is accused of violating hate speech rules.

Therapist Shabree Rawls says she lost her job over attention from her Tiktok video urging Black men to seek therapy.

The cabin is also listed on Booking.com as a "cottage with garden view." It lacks the colorful description of the Airbnb site and is described as merely a bungalow with no mention of slave quarters.

Christian Walker, who has mocked absentee fathers, has been silent since his dad Herschel Walker's secret children have been revealed.

If only people crying about censorship and freedom of speech for multimillionaire podcasters showed concerns for government targeting people like Johnson. 

A video posted to TikTok shows a woman preparing a mac and cheese dish that includes raisins. Twitter users had a field day dragging the woman and her video.

A recent video posted to Tik Tok shows a Black man being pinned to his car by a bunch of police officers while the woman recording the video is heard aggressively explaining to the cops that they have the wrong guy and it was actually a couple of white men who accosted the Black man they decided to go after.