Here's everything we know about a new bill to ban the TikTok social media platform from being used in the United States of America.

lack TikTok influencers are killing the game with relatable and captivating content that is for us, by us.

Black old-school hairstylist @lifeintheashlane on TikTok hopped on the #oldschool trend to call out unprofessional hairstylists.

The “Girl Dinner” trend has garnered over 535 million views. Some dietitians fear it’s detrimental. Read more inside.

A video posted to TikTok shows a Black man and a white woman he refers to as his "first Karen," who he accuses of trespassing in his home.


The Black TikTok user doubled down on her comment in a follow-up post.


What data privacy risk does TikTok pose? What could the Chinese government do with data collected by the app? Is its content recommendation algorithm dangerous? And is it even possible to ban an app?

Students are defending Ethan Hooper, a teacher at Howard Middle School in Florida who was suspended over anti-book ban TikTok videos.

A TikTok video begins with Black children crying and a man shouting to a white woman, "Welcome to the neighborhood, Karen!" 

Waymond "Chef Way" Wesley, a TikTok chef and Texas prosecutor, resigned after backlash from his old tweets disparaging Black women.


TikTok Chef Way got cooked by Black Twitter for old tweets about Black women.