A series of "Karen" videos showing women weaponizing their whiteness against Black people underscore why racial profiling stories still matter so much.

Gross! A viral video shows white women fighting inside a freshly used porta-potty at a Morgan Wallen concert at the Pittsburgh Pirates' stadium, PNC Park.

White women for decades have benefitted the most from affirmative action, even thought they're among those who oppose it the most. It's not irony, it's just America.


The Black TikTok user doubled down on her comment in a follow-up post.

Race Matters

After a bit of a lull in Karens, white women weaponizing their whiteness seemingly came back with a major vengeance in 2021, revealing themselves in the most likely and unlikely places, including airplanes, school board meetings and NBA games, to name a few.


A video posted to TikTok shows a woman preparing a mac and cheese dish that includes raisins. Twitter users had a field day dragging the woman and her video.

Exit polling data behind Republican Glenn Youngkin's gubernatorial victory in Virginia paint a vividly pale picture as white women emerged as an electorate force to be reckoned with while Black voter turnout reportedly lagged.


A viral tweet from CNN reporter Kasie Hunt threatened to cover scorned "suburban women" -- aka white women -- who voted for Biden instead of Trump if paid family leave was left out of the Build Back Better framework. Spoiler alert: It was.


"Karen" literally decided to take matters into her own hands when she destroyed a display of face masks at a Target store in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Meanwhile, Rayshard Brooks couldn't make it out alive from a Wendy's.

Shaneeka Montgomery-Strickland records the incident that goes viral.


The meaning and use of Karen continues to shift. We can find male Karens and black Karens. Donald Trump has even been called a Karen.