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Keke Palmer took to Instagram over the weekend to share a motivational message for anybody feeling pressured to reach a certain level of success.

Rocking a yellow tank top with sleek, straight hair, the actress uploaded an inspirational video for her millions of fans to give everybody a boost of confidence.

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The beauty started the video by sharing a story where she was chatting with a friend who was having trouble finding someone who was on “her level” to which the actress replied, “seeing so many young people get so much so fast makes a lot of people feel like they’re behind, and I think that’s unfair,” she said.

“I don’t think you should compete with anybody,” she continued.

She then went on to share more gems, telling her fans that “character builds success. Success unfortunately does not build character. Just because you have it today, doesn’t mean you’re going to have it tomorrow.”

She ended in the video by stressing the importance of not putting pressure on yourself to have everything now, not competing with your peers and to run your own race.

“Blessings and miracles are real, these situations are rare,” she captioned the long video. “We all don’t start at the same point and that’s okay because we all don’t END at the same point. Value should be placed on character, not monetary and superficial things. We miss out every time we do that to ourselves and others! Social media, celebrity culture, flex culture whatever the hell we calling it will have you tore up in these streets. In life WE GROW, we gotta stop acting like folks are at the end of their success at 25… shit even at 85. Morgan Freeman wasn’t always older 😅, he was working young too! But it wasn’t until he was older that WE got into him. All I’m saying is some of this thinking is simply unreasonable. Honestly! And trust me, it pays to be FRUGAL. #longevity HAPPY SUNDAY.”

Check out the motivational post below.

When Keke speaks, we listen!


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