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As the U.S. commemorates the annual observance of Black History Month, actress Keke Palmer spoke with NewsOne’s sister site Hello Beautiful to touch on a number of issues, including how she rings in the yearly celebration of all things Black.

While discussing her long-term partnership with McDonald’s, the conversation with Hello Beautiful turned to Black History Month and the unapologetic pride Palmer has for her heritage.

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Palmer said that Black History Month may be limited to 28 days a year but she’s equally as Black and proud every day.

“Honestly, I’m always celebrating Black History Month cause I’m always giving you that black and positively golden vibe. I’m just Blackity- Black-Black,” Palmer told Hello Beautiful in an exclusive interview.

One of the ways Palmer said she celebrates Black History Month is with movies about various Black experiences.

“I definitely try to celebrate by watching some old classic Black movies,” Palmer said. “That’s always a good vibe, whether it’s Soul Food or The Wood or even getting into the Tubi channel with some of these new upcoming shows. Just trying to show love and things like that.”

Palmer said she makes sure to pay special attention to the “history” aspect of the month-long celebration of Black-led contributions to society.

“In general, you always start thinking about how Black people have impacted the world. I always think to myself, ‘If we didn’t use anything that a Black person created, I think it would really make me take a step back and realize all the things that Black people have actually done,'” Palmer said. “And it just reminds you of the impact and the importance of our community of people, which sometimes can make you feel like it’s not acknowledged, you know what I mean?”

That’s just one of the ways that Palmer said was her way of helping “to undo the erasure of Black excellence.”

When asked what she loves most about being a Black woman, Palmer was especially deferential to those who came before her.

From Hello Beautiful:

Man, I think my favorite thing about being a Black woman is literally everything that has come with it. I think everybody has their own cultural story. You know, I can’t really speak to that. I can’t speak to how other people feel about their background and their ancestry, and their cultural narrative. But the Black narrative, I think it often can come with things that are deemed as sad or hardships, but I look at it, and I don’t really see that, not that I don’t see that there’s hardship, but I feel like those hardships have given us such incredible tools of not only survival but happiness, choosing happiness, knowing that we have the ability to really overcome anything.

I feel so powerful because of what my ancestors accomplished and gave way for me to accomplish. I feel pretty invincible as a Black woman, and I don’t think that would’ve come from anywhere else other than my history, my grandmother’s history, my mother’s history, my great-great grandmother’s history, and so on and so on. The story it gives me a fairytale vibe when I think about my Black American storyline. That’s what I’m most proud of as a Black woman. 

Read Hello Beautiful’s full interview with Keke Palmer by clicking here.


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