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Watching Keke Palmer embrace motherhood has become our favorite pastime. The dotting mama, who gave birth late last month, is enjoying the new person she is morphing into.

The actress shared a few images of herself going for a walk with her baby, and she looks like she’s getting the hang of being a parent.

In a lengthy post, Palmer wrote,

“Took Mookie Mook for a stroll today!!

Mommy’ing is coming along if you were looking for an update. I have juggled quite a few careers but this is my greatest gig of all.

Learning how to balance it all and looking forward to discovering this new person I am becoming. I will never be the same again, but if you thought I was a bad mama jamma before, you can’t imagine the greater purpose my son has given my life!

It’s giving, SUPER SAIYAN.

Also, loving the new world I get to indulge in now as a mom. I have so many things bagged in my Amazon cart, haven’t quite pulled the place the order button, but it feels good just adding it to the cart. You know, fake shopping hahaha.

Mom “stuff” is a big business, who knew.😝😅❤🙏🏾🔥😘🤦🏾‍♀️

How lucky is her son to have Keke Palmer as his mom? Not only is she funny and down to earth, but she is also an amazing example of a strong, wise Black woman. We love seeing Palmer in mommy mode.

The above social media post was Palmer’s most recent commentary about motherhood.

Earlier this month, Palmer also took to Instagram to get real about the hardships of motherhood while sending support along the way.

The 29-year-old took to the social platform to praise mothers, especially single mothers, for all of the hard work they put into the job. “If you are a single parent, pull out your cape,” she said in an IG video this week. “As a matter of fact, unclip your angel wings because I don’t know how else you did it.”

She also noted that she doesn’t want the message to sound insensitive towards single mothers, continuing, “maybe they lost somebody. Maybe they don’t want to deal with somebody. Maybe it’s a choice. But when it comes to raising a kid, I’ve already learned in these short few days that it takes a village and sometimes that’s a privilege.”

The actress then gave a shout-out to her friends and family while tearing up. “It could bring tears to my eyes. I am just truly, profoundly impressed,” she said.

The beauty shared the candid video along with the caption, “I ain’t gon’ lie, I’m gettin’ COOKED!”

The actress’s video was met with support and encouragement from her followers, many of whom thanked the starlet for getting real about motherhood. “So so hard. We don’t talk about it enough. Give it up for all the moms! This is the hardest and most soul entrenched job. And the most rewarding,” one follower commented while another wrote, “appreciate this post. First two months was completely alone with my son at my place until my mom was able to come and help. Hardest thing in the world. But worth it.”


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