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Floyd Mayweather, John Gotti III, fighting, Joseline Hernandez, Big Lex

The exhibition boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III ended in chaos on June 11. Tension flared between the pro boxer and the rising fighter inside the ring at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise Florida after the two boxers began talking smack at one another.

According to Sports Illustrated, the athletes got rowdy with one another during the fourth round of the match. As they sparred in the ring, Mayweather and Gotti began hurling insults at one another. The trash-talking escalated after the 46-year-old Michigan native punched the New York-bred boxer in the back of the head with a forceful right hook.

Toward the sixth round, all hell broke loose between the two competitive stars. Referee Kenny Bayless briefly halted the fight after Mayweather and Gotti began shouting expletives back and forth at one another. Then Gotti pushed past Bayless and hurled a few punches at Mayweather. A massive brawl quickly ensued after The Money Team, Mayweather’s trusted entourage, and Gotti’s crew jumped in the ring.

The money team continued the brawl outside of the ring with a crowd goer.

The fiery altercation spiraled out of control when two members of The Money Team jumped off the stage and punched someone in the crowd. Attendees quickly scattered to avoid getting hit in the heated altercation. It’s unclear if the individual was connected to Gotti’s entourage.

Here is another altercation that happened in the stands after the fight was called.

Joseline Hernandez and Big Lex fought backstage.

Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III weren’t the only ones fighting at their heated exhibition event Sunday. Backstage, Love & Hip-Hop alum Joseline Hernandez was caught on camera punching the living daylights out of reality TV star Big Lex.

It’s unclear what caused the violent altercation, according to MADAMENOIRE. One video shared by Slick Witted Entertainment captured the dancer-turned-rapper slamming Big Lex’s head with her fists before she placed the reality TV star in a chokehold. After a long tussle, bystanders eventually dragged a topless Big Lex out of the angry Ponce native’s clothes.

In another video, which captured the fiery altercation from a different angle, Hernandez slithered past security and several other bystanders to attack Big Lex one more time. As the aspiring rapper fell to the ground, Hernandez slammed Lex with a few more kicks and punches before witnesses swooped in to break up the fight.

Angry and pissed off, the “Puerto Rican Princess” began punching everyone and everything in sight, including an unknown woman who wasn’t involved in the heated altercation. Out of retaliation, the unidentified bystander threw a drink at Hernandez and got chased out of the venue by the rapper’s crew.

Things didn’t end well for Hernandez. According to TMZ, on Monday morning the star was arrested on four charges including trespassing and battery.

Big Lex was a contestant on Hernandez’s hit Zeus Network show Joseline’s Cabaret.


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