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Former President Donald Trump Holds A Press Conference At Mar-a-Lago After Being Arraigned In New York

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In today’s episode of The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Orange Tree, emails made public as a part of a lawsuit have revealed that Donald Trump Jr. is racist. (I really hope you were bracing yourselves for that shocking revelation.)

According to Newsweek, Trump Jr. is alleged to have sent the derogatory and bigoted emails several years ago to his friend and groomsman at his wedding, Gentry Beach, who is currently engaged in a 15-yearlong legal battle with his former hedge-fund employer, Touradji Capital Management, which he claims owes him tens of millions of dollars.

But before anyone starts to feel sympathetic over Beach’s financial woes, you should probably know that the emails he allegedly traded with the ex-president’s son suggest that he sees hunting brown people as a wholesome father/son activity while Trump Jr. wishes upon a star for a re-gentrified Manhattan.

From Newsweek:

As part of the lawsuit, Beach attempted to argue that emails he sent to Trump Jr. from his Touradji work email account between 2005 and 2008 should be redacted from becoming public. The emails are being used as part of a defense from a hedge fund, alleging that show Beach was disloyal to his employer and exposed the company to reputational harm and therefore should not be compensated.

Some of the emails sent by Beach reference hunting Jews and shooting Mexicans. In his replies, Trump Jr. also made derogatory remarks about the amount of Black families that have moved into the Manhattan area of New York, claiming it is starting to look like Harlem, an area of the city with a historically higher Black population.

“I hear the theme song of the Jeffersons playing in the background,” Trump Jr. said, in reference to the popular CBS sitcom that ran between 1975 and 1985.

In another exchange, Trump Jr. complained about Mexicans coming to the U.S. “Encourage the Mexicans to come to the US and give them another excuse to not learn English,” he wrote. “When I have to speak to my grandchildren in Spanish, at least I know I will have you to thank.”

Beach responded by suggesting he was going to send his son to the border with ammo. “We’re going to stop this w****** issue dead in its tracks,” he wrote.

So, just to recap: In response to Beach’s e-fantasy about committing deadly hate crimes against Jewish people and Mexicans, Trump Jr. revealed that he feels the same way about Black people in Manhattan that Samuel L. Jackson’s character felt about the snakes on his plane.

Trump Jr. then made a racist reference to The Jeffersons, likely because he prefers the theme song to Friends, given the exclusively white version of Manhattan he appears to prefer.

Finally, Trump Jr. expressed that he’s as mad at Mexicans as he is at Black people for*checks notes*—existing, to which Beach responded by essentially suggesting that he would soothe Trump Jr.’s desire to Make America Super Segregated Again (MASSA) by arming his son and sending him to the border to commit a racist mass murder.

Anyway, the response on Twitter suggests that many people are shockingly not shocked that the son of the guy who led the charge against critical race theory and vehemently hates Black Lives Matter, DEI and Black prosecutors is also a racist bigot who has racist and bigoted friends.

Apparently, Beach is trying to stay loyal to his close friend and apparent Fantasy Klan Club member, because he argued that even if the emails are used as evidence in a new trial, Trump Jr.’s name should be redacted from them. But on Thursday, State Supreme Court Justice Andrea Masley rejected that argument, Newsweek reported.


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