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Taste of Bahamas

Source: Courtesy / Weber Shandwick

The Islands of The Bahamas brought their beautiful country to the city of Los Angeles last week with an event filled with Bahamian culture, music, cocktails and history. As the Bahamas gears up to celebrate 50 years of independence next month, we want to share 50 reasons why you should visit their beautiful islands inside.

On Tuesday, June 13, we had the opportunity to experience an authentic taste of the Islands of the Bahamas. The event was filled with Bahamian cocktails/mocktails by Marv “Mr. Mix” Cunningham, food by Chef Kevyn Prat, and a live performance by the Chambers Jankanoo Band. There were also special guests, who spoke to the country’s culture and history, encouraging attendees to book their travel as soon as possible. The guests included the Deputy Prime Minister, the Honorable I. Chester Cooper, and Director General Latia Duncombe.

It left us feeling inspired to play our next trip to their 16 unique destinations around the country from the bustling tourist attraction of Nassau, which most people are more familiar with, to the off-the-beaten-path islands we discovered after Tuesday’s successful event.

As the beautiful Islands of the Bahamas celebrates its 50th anniversary with the long-awaited non-stop JetBlue flights from LAX, starting in November, we wanted to share 50 reasons why you must visit for yourself.

Here are 50 reasons why the Bahamas has to be your next travel destination:

The unique geographical diversity

Drone aerial view of anchored sailing yacht in emerald Caribbean Sea, Stocking Island, Great Exuma, Bahamas.

Source: yujie chen / Getty

1. 700 islands and 2,400 cays for endless island exploration and island hopping.

2. 16 unique island destinations, with options suited for every type of traveler.


Their endless land and sea adventures

Drone aerial view of anchored sailing yacht in emerald Caribbean Sea, Stocking Island, Great Exuma, Bahamas.

Source: yujie chen / Getty

3. The clearest waters in the world where you can swim, snorkel, kayak, fish or sail.

4. The plentiful blue holes across the islands, from Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island to Captain Bill’s on Andros to Sapphire Blue Hole on Eleuthera.

5. Catch-and-release bonefishing across the Southern Islands, from Acklins & Crooked to Mayaguana to Ragged Island.

6. Off-the-beaten-path adventure on one of The Bahamas’ smallest islands, San Salvador (home to 50 dive sites!).

7. The local dive shop operators offer world-class snorkeling, scuba diving and free-diving experiences.

8. Scenic golf courses where novice and professional golfers are welcome.

9. The nautical sailboat lifestyle where sailing is the National Sport of The Bahamas.

Its’ laidback island lifestyle

Taste of Bahamas

Source: Courtesy / Weber Shandwick

10. The luxury of a “private island feel” on our secluded beaches and jaw-dropping sandbars.

11. Golf cart cruising across the Out Islands, from Green Turtle Cay to Harbour Island (don’t forget to keep to your left!).

12. The Pink Sand Beaches and pastel-colored buildings on Harbour Island.

13. Golden sunsets and dreamy seclusion on Rum Cay.

14. The irresistible cays in the Berry Islands, including Great Harbour Cay and Chub Cay.

The people, culture and heritage

Taste of Bahamas

Source: Courtesy / Weber Shandwick

15. The warm, hospitable, cheerful and great-humored nature of the Bahamian people.

16. The establishments, landmarks and settlements named after the Bahamas’ first ‘original inhabitants, the Lucayans of the Arawak tribe.

17. Bahamian slang like soon reach, sip sip, tingum and bey.

18. Storied Bahamian folklore that has stood the test of time.

19. The rich traditions, colorful handmade costumes and pulsating sounds of Junkanoo – “the spirit of The Bahamas.”

20. Local Bahamian-owned businesses that keep the heart of our country and our culture alive.

21. The sounds of Rake ‘n’ Scrape, the traditional music of the Bahamas.

22. The Bahamas People-to-People Programme, where you can experience the destination like a local.

23. The humbled beginnings of the legendary Sir Sidney Poitier on Cat Island.

24. Endless cultural celebrations and festivals, from the Pineapple Festival on Eleuthera to Homecoming festivals to our exhilarating sailing regattas across the Out Islands.

25. Various art galleries and museums across the country allow you to see The Bahamas through the lens of local artists.

26. The everchanging mosaic artwork at Dolphin House in Bimini infuses passion, pride and creativity into every meticulously placed tile, seashell and recycled fragment.

27. The tropical hues of Androsia Batik fabrics hand made on Andros.

28. Bahamian straw markets and canvas shops, where each item is handcrafted with love.

29. Bahamian Bush Tea and remedies such as lemongrass, neem and soursop.

The natural wonders and wildlife encounters

Black Grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci) at a cleaning station on a coral head in the Exuma Cays, Bahamas

Source: Erin Westgate / Getty

30. The Long Island swimming goats, Exuma swimming pigs, Grand Bahama Island stingrays, and sea turtles and iguanas.

31. Up-close diving with sharks – from Tiger and Hammerhead to Reef and Nurse.

32. The coral reefs, mangroves and oceans we must protect to ensure our Bahamian beauty and wonders last for years to come.

33. Bimini Mangroves guided by the legendary Ansil Saunders, companion of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

34. The ecological wonders of our 32 Bahamian National Parks, which are conserved and protected by the Bahamas National Trust.

35. The vibrant wildlife that can be found in Inagua National Park, home to the world’s largest breeding colony of West Indian flamingoes, featuring over 80,000 flamingoes plus 140 species of other native and migratory birds worthy of birdwatching.

36. The undeniable beauty of The Exuma Cays from its Land and Sea National Park to the famous swimming pigs to James Bond adventures in Thunderball Grotto.

37. The contrasting blues at Glass Window Bridge where the roaring royal blue waters of the Atlantic meet the quieter turquoise tints of the Bight of Eleuthera.

38. The stunning display of caves and caverns of the Bahamas.

Their delicious cuisines and libations

Taste of Bahamas

Source: Courtesy / Weber Shandwick

39. A johnny cake to start the day and deliciously sweet guava duff to end dinner with.

40. Seafood delicacies from grouper to stone crab are served fresh throughout the islands.

41. Conch all ways – conch salad, conch fritters, conch bites, stewed conch, grilled conch, fried conch, conch burgers and more.

42. Bahamian-favourite cocktails including Goombay Smash, Bahama Mama and Gully Wash.

43. Ice cold Kalik or Sands beer by the sea, visits to John Watlings Distillery or The Graycliff’s Winery.

44. The smell of delicious Bahamian spices sizzling over spitfires at the local fish fry.

Its historical landmarks and unexpected experiences

Taste of Bahamas

Source: Courtesy / Weber Shandwick

45. The view from the top of Nassau’s Queen’s Staircase, Fort Charlotte, Fort Montagu and Fort Fincastle.

46. Elbow Reef Lighthouse in Abaco – the last kerosene-burning lighthouse in the world.

47. Celebrity sightings (you never know who you’ll see!) and various opportunities to experience The Bahamas’ cinematic history.

48. The long-standing history of pirates, ancient shipwrecks and buried treasure.

49. The friendly potcake pups that roam around the islands.

50. The highest point in The Bahamas, Mt. Alvernia, on Cat Island.

Visit the official Bahamas website for more details to plan your next visit.


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