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Source: @fishingbay2ga / TikTok

That good ol’ Karen energy seems to be in full swing this summer. But let’s not forget, being a Karen comes with consequences.

A Black TikToker and avid fisherman from Georgia recently took to his page to expose some unjustified harassment by a white woman who had nothing better to do except bother a Black man who was just enjoying his day fishing by a lake. 

The video, which was posted earlier this week, includes an on-screen caption that reads “Black man fishing problems.” When the video begins, the Black man is visibly annoyed at the White woman approaching him from her car. When she reaches the Black fisherman, the white woman says “hello,” and the man politely replies with a “hello.”


Not even a second later Park Ranger Karen activates Karen mode, turning it up to full max.

“Are you guys residents here?” the woman asks.

“Are we bothering anyone,” a woman accompanying the Black fisherman asks.

Karen responds by telling them, “This lake is for residents only.” She also plays the victim, telling the man she did not permit him to film her and threatens to copy his license plate and forward it to the authorities.

“So y’all hear what I go through, right?” The Black fisherman asks his TikTok audience with a smile on his face. “This is third person. … I’m in my own neighborhood, and a white person came and bothered me while I’m fishing.”

He continues, “She’s like ‘oh no, I’m not giving you permission to film.’ This is my phone, I can film and do whatever I want. I study the law,” he says with a laugh.

At this point, embarrassed, the white woman tries to brush the Black fisherman off, waving her hand in disagreement before walking away back to her vehicle. 

“What’s your name, by the way? Because at the next meeting, I’m definitely going to mention you,” the Black man says as she walks away.

“Her name is Karen,” said the fisherman’s friend jokingly. 

The Karen video went viral on TikTok, garnishing over 3 million views since it was published. 

Social media immediately jumped into action and the woman allegedly identified as Tanya Petty.

Her employer, Sea Glass Therapy, was also called out by residents, forcing them to terminate their contract with the woman. 

“Sea Glass Therapy is a place of acceptance, healing, and inclusion of all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or background,” the company wrote in a statement on Facebook.  We stand against discrimination of all forms. We have terminated our business relationship with the Independent contractor, Tanya, in order to uphold our values and standards. We strive to be a service to our community and do whatever we can to accommodate the needs of it, operating with integrity.”

You would think enough Karens have been put on Blast from them to know better, but I guess not. Here’s a life lesson: If you see a Black person at leisure, leave them be.

Or, maybe like Tanya, you need to learn the hard way as well.


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