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OK, look: I don’t know what kind of new Karen Crow era white women at swimming pools are trying to usher in here, but they’re only going to keep going viral because Black people and people of color are not having it.

Just last week, a video spread across social media that showed a Latino family at a swimming pool in Lakewood, Colorado, by 49-year-old Blair Featherman aka Poolside Karen aka Dipping Donna aka Bikini Becky aka Chlorine Claudia aka Swimming-in-white-tears Susan. (I made most of those up.)

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Featherman is now trying to claim the video of her in the midst of her bigoted rant was heavily edited as if there’s any context in which calling a family “trash” for having “a f—king Mexican party in a pool” is less racist. At any rate, multiple witnesses dispute the notion that Wading Wendy’s obvious Klan-ishness was misrepresented in the video, or that she was attacked first, as she claims.


Anyway, now there’s another video that appears to be out of Fort Worth, Texas, (according to the text in the video) that shows yet another Shallow-end Sarah who seems to be deathly allergic to minding her own business when Black and brown people are enjoying themselves at a swimming pool.

“Are you f—king serious?” the currently unidentified white woman can be heard asking while being confronted by someone else at the pool who only seems to be asking her why she cares so much that the people she’s going into a full Karen meltdown over are swimming her apartment complex pool.

Apparently, the woman pays $2,000 a month for rent, and it’s for that reason that she thinks she can police anyone she sees in the pool area.

“So you think I pay $2,000 for nothing?” she asked the man confronting her.

After she nearly screams herself horse while mentioning again that she pays $2,000 to live there, she sits in a beach chair while saying, “I’m calling the office.”

“This is f—king ridiculous. I don’t need to be around this sh—t,” the woman can be heard screeching.

“They don’t live here!” she shouts as one of the Black people whose—*checks notes*—existence she seems to take issue with tries to explain that he’s the guest of someone who does live there.

At some point, this woman starts twerking at one camera (at least I think that’s what she was doing, although, it looked more like a rhythmless Caucasian back spasm that probably hurt a little) and then she tries to swat at another camera someone else is using to record her, much like Featherman did while wrongly declaring that “you can’t just record me.”

Another thing the Texas Karen has in common with her Colorado doppel-Karen is they both told the people of color they wanted gone to go back where they assumed they came from. Colorado Karen told the “Mexicans” she had a problem with to “go back to Denver,” which she presumably assumed they lived because the city is more diverse than Lakewood, which is about 82% white. Of course, when the white woman in Texas told the melanated subjects of her white rage to “go back to Denton,” that made less sense considering Denton, Texas, is also largely white with just over a 10% Black population.

Anyway, the video ends with Lapping Linda continuing to repeat over and over again how much money she pays to live in the complex while continuing to whitesplain that paying all that money gives her the right to play pool police. She also repeatedly shouts at the guests to “get the f—k out!”

Maybe it’s time these perpetually-bothered Karens learn to stay in the confines of their “whites only” homes since they seem to be so easily triggered by Black and brown people simply existing in places racists don’t think they belong. (Some people are going to note that the woman never mentions race in the video, but ask yourselves how she was able to single them out with instant knowledge that they don’t live there.)

Maybe it’s time we start putting signs up to let them know that the swimming pool is now a “Karen-free zone.”


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