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Apparently, the New Hampshire Libertarian Party is all for socialism when it comes to the redistribution of the Republican dog-whistling strategy of throwing racist stones and hiding anti-Black hands.

On Tuesday, the party’s Twitter account responded to former Democratic Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner‘s tweet advocating for free insulin for people who need it to live by essentially telling her she should be an enslaved person.

“Nina Turner picking crops should be free,” the party of liberated delusions actually tweeted.


Now, maybe if I squint really hard I can imagine a person intentionally likening a Black person to slavery without immediately understanding that they would be accused of racism. Perhaps if I squeeze my eyes and clench my teeth even harder I can imagine a white public figure reflexively being told to pick crops just because they don’t think life-saving medication should cost money.

“This is racist and anti-Black. Period,” Turner said in response to the party’s blatantly racist and anti-Black tweet. “In no way is advocating for free insulin comparable to chattel slavery. Shameful & uneducated.”


Of course, whoever is tweeting for the Party must have known they were going to be called racist because they argued erroneously that calling for free medicine “is equally (as) offensive as calling for someone to be compelled to pick crops,” which it clearly is not.

“You shouldn’t pick crops for free because you’re black. You should pick crops as reparations for the rights you violated as a politician,” the Party tweeted in a desperate effort to clean up its previous pro-free Black labor tweet. But Turner wasn’t buying it.

The New Hampshire Libertarian Party just couldn’t let go of its ridiculous argument that free medicine can’t be achieved without unpaid labor.

“None of the things you advocate for are ‘free’. They require labor and materials which need to be compensated for. Otherwise, you are advocating for slavery. Hope this helps,” the Party argued.

In other words: 1+1 = Oh my God, that pro-slavery Black lady should go pick cotton!

It’s funny math, I know. The New Hampshire Libertarian Party must have forgotten to carry the 1. And by “the 1,” I mean the 72 countries around the globe that managed to provide universal healthcare without reviving the transatlantic slave trade.

Maybe the New Hampshire Libertarian party is simply irrational—or maybe it’s just racist.


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