A demand for free insulin from Nina Turner prompted the New Hampshire Libertarian Party to suggest she should be an enslaved person "picking crops" in a metaphor gone horribly wrong.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is to blame for airlines' cancellations as Southwest falters, Ohio Democrat Nina Turner said.


Brown won by a much larger margin than in the August special election, easily taking more than 66 percent of the total vote. 

The May 3 primary election marks the beginning of a series of major races across the country. 

Shontel Brown, a county council leader in Cleveland, was projected to defeat former State Sen. Nina Turner in the Democratic primary for Congress in Ohio that may have also been a referendum on the progressive wing of the political party.

Ahead of the Democratic primary in Ohio's 11th Congressional District, Nina Turner says providing opportunities for constituents has no political ideology and goes back to the basic premise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Politics are not immune to pettiness. Hillary Clinton's endorsement of Shontel Brown for Ohio Congress was effectively a snub of Nina Turner, the loyal adviser to Bernie Sanders, who Clinton once said: "nobody likes."

Nina Turner signaled her intentions to run for Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge's U.S. House seat by filing the requisite paperwork with the Federal Election Commissions for the state's 11th Congressional District.


Joe Biden's campaign surrogate, Hilary Rosen, used the racist trope "angry black women" when apologizing to Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign co-chair, Nina Turner, after claiming she had no "standing" to discuss Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Folks apparently feel extremely comfortable attacking Black women, especially within the Democratic party, but why?


MSNBC reporter Jason Johnson is being criticized on social media for his disparaging comments about Black women who support Sen. Bernie Sanders.