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Welp, it looks like the Stacey Dash of sports journalism, Sage Steele, is finally parting ways with ESPN.

If you’re familiar with Steele, who has been with ESPN since 2007, then you know she’s as convinced that vaccines are dangerous as she is that literally anyone is offended by her identifying as a biracial woman.

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In fact, in 2021, Steele was suspended by the sports network over comments she made on a podcast about ESPN’s “sick” and “scary” vaccine mandates along with remarks that suggested former President Barack Obama shouldn’t identify as solely Black, which he absolutely never has, because his Black father was never in his life.

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On Tuesday, Steele took to Instagram to announce that she settled a lawsuit with her now-former network and is ready to move on.

“Having successfully settled my case with ESPN/Disney, I have decided to leave so I can exercise my first amendment rights more freely,” Steele wrote. “I am grateful for so many wonderful experiences over the past 16 years and am excited for my next chapter!”

From Variety:

Steele had alleged in a 2022 lawsuit that Disney and ESPN retaliated against her for the comments she made during the podcast, hosted by Jay Cutler, taking away high-profile assignments. She charged the companies had breached her contract and violated her free-speech rights.

“ESPN and Sage Steele have mutually agreed to part ways. We thank her for her many contributions over the years,” the network said in a statement.

Neither ESPN nor Steele has revealed any details regarding the settlement, but it’s clear the former NBA Countdown commentator is out because she couldn’t get an invite to the ESPN cookouts and she’d rather hop back on the Sunken Place Express and find a First Amendment-friendly job that will let her spread medical misinformation and shed her biracial tears in peace.

Yeah, good luck with all that.


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