The One Story: HBCUs And The Gatekeeping Of Black Culture
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With five weeks left in 2016, a lot of people have had their Black Card revoked, including Cam Newton, A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy— and now ESPN news anchor Sage Steele.

Steele has said some sketchy things about politics and her bi-racial heritage, but she made her stance clear last week in a series of social media posts.

The issue came about when Steele commented on Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ wide receiver Mike Evans’ decision to kneel at the start of the National Anthem to protest Donald Trump’s surprising presidential election win. Indeed, he practiced his right to freedom of speech.

But Steele wasn’t here for it, and decided to post her opinion on Twitter. “Hey @MikeEvans13_ look up definition of the word DEMOCRACY & remember this pic while kneeling/exercising your right to protest #perspective,” she said with a photo of a White man kneeing in a graveyard of soldiers.

It was not the first time the anchor has chided civil rights activists, nut she was roasted on Twitter for the comment:

She fired back at her critics in a Facebook statement:

Instead of praising or uplifting each other, way too many people of color choose to tear down, mock and spew hatred at other blacks who feel differently, think differently, or make decisions that are different from theirs,” she said. “That, my friends, is hypocrisy at its best. Or should I say, its hypocrisy at its worst. Here’s the thing: You don’t get a hall-pass just because you’re a minority. Racism is racism, no matter what color your skin is. So when you call me a sell-out, or a coon, or an Uncle Tom, or any other derogatory term to let me know that you disagree with me, you lose every ounce of credibility with those whom you deem racist at the drop of a hat.

She also mentions how her mother and husband were “brave” to marry people of color.

Instead of giving me those all-knowing looks of disgust and calling me a sell-out when you see pictures of me with my white husband, or see me with my very light-skinned bi-racial children, shouldn’t you be praising that ‘white boy’ from Indiana who followed his color-blind heart and married into a bi-racial culture completely different from his own, to help create a beautiful, color-blind family? Apparently not. Sadly, the list goes on and on, seeping into just about every social and political issue.”

For obvious reasons (of unconscious subserviency on her end) this didn’t settle with #BlackTwitter either.

As noted by Blavity writer LaVita Tuff, “[Sage] you are the epitome of ‘black on black crime is the problem.’ You are the walking poster child for ‘All Lives Matter.’ You would be the token person they book on CNN to tell black people we need to fix us before we try fixing the police departments who use black people for target practice. Being black in America means having to work twice as hard for the same results. You should know what its like to have to fight to even stand in the hall. Out of all the employees listed on ESPN’s media page, there aren’t nearly as many black women as there should be. Sage, congrats on being one of them.”


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