The sports anchor, reporter and host had a 16+-year run.

No, the ex-ESPN being called a "sellout" isn't because she identifies as biracial.

On the 50th anniversary of Title IX, Malika Andrews hosted the 2022 NBA Draft, making her the first woman in history to do so.

Infamous SportsCenter anchor Sage Steele has slammed ESPN and the network's parent company, Walt Disney with a massive lawsuit alleging unfair treatment.

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The writing has been on the wall for a long time, but many of us have only recently begun to read it after Sage Steele betrayed her true self in the latest instance of the longtime ESPN anchor expressing her own apparent deep-seated feelings of self-hatred.

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Steele recently made an appearance on “Uncut with Jay Cutler” podcast where she complained that Disney-owned ESPN required her and all employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

Sage Steels has reportedly complained to her ESPN bosses about not being included in the network's special about race, but the biracial anchor has a long, divisive history on the topic.

Sage Steele believes Jemele Hill can only blame herself for the criticisms ignited by her comments referring to Trump as a White supremacist.

With the NBA playoffs around the corner, ESPN is making a trade of its own. Longstanding  commentator Sage Steele is being replaced with Michelle Beadle as full-time host on NBA Countdown on ABC and ESPN. ESPN announced that Beadle will now host the pre-game and halftime shows on ABC as well as the studio shows throughout […]


It seems like ESPN anchor Sage Steele is continuing her critiques of the Black community by claiming the worst racism she’s received has come from Black people. On a panel discussing race and faith, called Under Our Skin, Steele had this to say: “There are times that I believe that we, as African Americans, can […]