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Kentucky AG Makes Announcement On Charges In Breonna Taylor's Death

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Since launching my campaign for Attorney General of the great state of Kentucky, I have been clear about my intentions to serve as the People’s Lawyer, protecting Kentucky families from big business, corrupt politicians and scammers.

After learning, however, that current Kentucky AG and gubernatorial hopeful Daniel Cameron’s camp has repeatedly refused to clarify why his presence in the state Capitol building doesn’t align with public records that seem to suggest he has not been on the premises, it’s clear to me that transparency must be restored to the office.

The optics are bad, but Cameron’s unwillingness to address the inconsistency head-on is worse because it belittles the voters who placed their trust in him.

In the military, you are expected to show up to serve, and you are held to account by your fellow soldiers. Kentuckians deserve that same dedication from their AG, and it’s what kept me focused and effective throughout my 27-year career with the U.S. Air Force.

I prosecuted violent crimes like rape and incest as a chief prosecutor, acted as a hostage negotiator and even assisted with the 9/11 Commission, but none of that would have been possible if I’d gone AWOL.

Kentuckians deserve transparency from their elected leaders, no matter how insignificant the supporting documentation may seem.

Cameron’s office has repeatedly talked around requests for clarification regarding his physical presence in his office.

I don’t personally believe for a minute that Cameron has been a no-show for the majority of his term, but his office’s refusal to answer a simple, data-supported question undermines the faith that voters placed in him as Kentucky’s top law enforcement official.

Kentuckians currently face unprecedented surges in crime, homelessness and drug abuse. These are the issues systematically chipping away at close-knit communities, draining resources and keeping voters awake at night.

Yet, when pressed for an explanation on his apparent absence, a spokesperson for Cameron’s office stated that the AG has been “on the job working for Kentuckians” but pointed to his “dozens” of lawsuits filed against the Biden Administration and Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear as proof.

Kentucky Governor Signs Breonna's Law Ending No Knock Raids

State Rep. Pamela Stevenson (D-KY) speaks at the Center for African American Heritage before a bill signing event on April 9, 2021 in Louisville, Kentucky. | Source: Jon Cherry / Getty

Quite frankly, I could not care less where Cameron sits to do his job.

However, I do care – deeply – that the job being done actually addresses the root causes of crime, homelessness and drug abuse diminishing Kentucky’s quality of life.

There’s no question that Cameron has been busy, but his focus has strayed from serving and protecting everyday Kentuckians to building a resume he hopes will propel him to the Governor’s Office.

Kentucky voters are not stepping stones!

They are hard-working people who hear what politicians say and then watch – carefully – what they do.

I bring nearly four decades of legal experience at the local, state, federal and international levels, making me one of the most qualified candidates ever to seek Kentucky’s Attorney General’s office.

I intend to put that experience to work every day to hold human traffickers and sexual predators accountable, protect kids online, go after hate groups and violent extremists and advocate for federal resources that support local law enforcement and community organizations.

And I intend to do these things with the full knowledge that Kentuckians will hold me accountable.

Accountability requires transparency, though, and Cameron’s office would be better served at the moment by answering the simple questions being posed than by pretending the questions have no merit.

Rep. Col. (Ret.) Pamela Stevenson, who is serving her second term representing District 43 in the State House, is a Louisville native, attorney, Baptist minister, 27-year Air Force veteran and Democratic candidate for Kentucky’s Attorney General.


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