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At this point, it is abundantly clear that no one is as obsessed with Sage Steele being biracial as Sage Steele. I can only imagine that Steele wakes up in the half-sunken place every morning and shouts “I have a white parent and the world hates me for it but I shall overcome one day!” For her daily affirmation, Steele points in the mirror and says to herself, “You is Black, you is white, you is important!” It really does seem like the sports commentator who recently parted ways with ESPN is on a mission to convince the world that she’s been persecuted for identifying as biracial—only it’s not a thing anyone publicly talks about besides her.

Recently, Steele made an appearance on The Megyn Kelly Show to clarify comments she made suggesting that former President Barack Obama shouldn’t identify as solely Black because his Black father was never in his life and to continue her unrelenting biracial woes campaign.

Before I continue, I just have to point out that she had a sit-down with Megyn Kelly of all people to talk about the complexities of race. In other words: She went to talk about racial identity and prejudice with the white woman who has vehemently defended blackface, stated emphatically that Jesus and Santa Clause should only be depicted as white, cosigned a social media post referring to Michelle Obama as “Obama’s Baby Mama,” and constantly goes out of her way to downplay or outright deny racism no matter how blatant it is.

Sage Steele sitting down with Megyn Kelly to talk about racism would be like Megyn Kelly sitting down with famously racist ex-cop Mark Fuhrman about racismwhich, by the way, she has done multiple times.

In fact, Kelly has countless times accused marginalized people of having a “victim mindset,” yet she’s the person Steele chose to sit down with for her latest episode of Sage Steele’s Tapioca Tears.

During the interview, Steele told Kelly she’s been called a “sellout” for identifying as biracial. It’s not an easy thing to believe since being a “sellout” has absolutely nothing to do with a person identifying as the race they literally are.

Steele might certainly be called a sellout for chiding sports journalist Jemele Hill after she got suspended from ESPN for being critical of Donald Trump, which is a move she defended, which is odd considering she claimed she left ESPN because the network wouldn’t respect her First Amendment rights.

Steele might also be considered a sell-out for arguing that women “need to be responsible as well” for sexual harassment they face in the workplace.

She might be called a sellout for crying about Trump protesters inconveniencing her by disrupting her travel plans.

She’s certainly been called a sellout for defending the NFL’s decision to suspend Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the National Anthem because, again, she really only seems to care about employers recognizing First Amendment rights as it applies to her.

But no one except Steele, apparently, has even heard criticism about how she identifies racially, let alone called her a sellout for that reason.

Media personality Marc Lamont Hill said much of the same when he tweeted, “No one, NO ONE, has ever called Sage Steele a sellout for this reason,” and that really got under Steele’s skin—which she desperately needs us all to know is half Black and half Caucasian, you know, in case we weren’t aware.

“When people like this have the audacity to speak for others and claim they know what others have experienced…especially people they’ve never met, never talked to, don’t have the decency/courage to reach out and have an actual CONVERSATION (these people hate the c-word) … it is so predictable, and frankly, it reveals everything we need to know about their character,” Steele tweeted in response to Hill.

I’m just going to point out that if she’s this mad at Hill for denying her half-white nonsense, she would be super upset with me.

Here’s what I wrote two years ago when she was whining about this same thing:

First of all, here’s a short list of things your average person likely cares more about than how Sage Steele identifies:

  • The history of corn starch
  • The contents of software terms and agreements
  • Porn after credits
  • Game of Thrones season eight bonus footage
  • What Roseanne is doing for work these days
  • Who’s going to take care of Donald Trump’s sentient toupee after he dies

If Steele’s “please everyone, notice I’m biracial” diatribe wasn’t bad enough already, the commander-in-butterscotch-woes had the nerve to bring former President Barack Obama into the conversation while Obama was somewhere minding his own business and joining the entire world in not discussing Steele’s racial identity.

It’s also worth pointing out that Obama has literally never said he only identifies as Black. Sure, he embraced being thought of as America’s first Black president, but he’s also constantly talked about his white mother who raised him. If he was trying to hide his white side, he was doing a deplorable job of it.

It’s almost as if Steele had “the audacity to speak for others and claim they know what others have experienced” without actually knowing what she’s talking about.

Go figure.


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