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Shedeur Sanders, the 21-year-old son of NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, is making waves out on the field for his incredible skills — but his impeccable fashion sense has caught the eyes of many as of late. One particular item that has garnered considerable attention is his luxury watch.

Now, a luxury watch is more than just a timekeeping device; it’s a statement piece that signifies elegance, taste and an appreciation for craftsmanship. Shedeur Sanders’ choice to adorn his wrist with a luxury watch speaks volumes about his style — but it has also become a reflection of his bold attitude and confidence out on the field.

On Oct. 7, the quarterback raced to the student section of the stadium to show off his iced-out watch after Colorado crushed the Arizona State Devils 27-24.

In September, the football star flashed his lavish watch in the face of Nebraska receiver Billy Kemp ahead of the game to show the latter what time he was on. Thankfully, Shedeur was able to back up his braggadocious move. The young football star pushed Colorado to a victorious win against Nebraska 36 – 14 on Sept. 9.


Where did  Shedeur’s watch come from?

According to Complex, Shedeur tapped Jacksonville-based jeweler Saki Mihalakos to customize his stainless steel Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500 watch. The luxurious timepiece comes packed with 30 carats of VVS diamonds.

During an interview with the outlet in September, Mihalakos, owner of Saki Diamonds, said the baller’s watch was valued at around $70,000. Shedeur reportedly purchased the piece in 2022 when he was still playing with Jackson State.

“That’s my watch on his wrist. He’s out there shining. But he puts in the work. He deserves it,” Mihalakos said. “It’s beautiful to see my piece on that stage.”


Celebs have been spotted doing “The Shedeur.”

The quarterback’s flashy watch move — which has been dubbed “The Shedeur” — has received mixed criticism from fans and foes.

Some say it’s “classless” and a display of poor sportsmanship, but there are a slew of stans and celebs that have shown support for the shining athlete’s flashy gesture.


Rick Rock hit “The Shedeur” shortly after Colorado defeated Nebraska in September.

“I’m going to tell you right now. It’s a new rule,” the rapper said as he flashed his watch to the camera. “If you ever disrespect the set, ‘The Shedeur.’ I’m going to put the watch right in your face.”

Garrett Wilson and Breece Hall of the New York Jets showed off their best version of “The Shedeur” while having fun on the field.

Earlier this month, OKC star Chet Holmgren flexed his invisible watch after he dunked on the Spurs.

Here are a few more stars that have paid tribute to Shedeur’s famous move.


So what does, Shedeur think of his popular gesture going viral?

During a press conference on Oct. 3, the handsome football star seemed shocked to hear about the support from stars like Rick Ross and more recently DJ Khaled.

When asked how his trendy move became a cultural phenomenon, Shedeur couldn’t quite pinpoint why the move resonated with many fans.

“I don’t know, it just happened. I didn’t know it was really gonna blow up or anything like that because it was just in the moment,” the 21-year-old explained.

“Nothing was premeditated to where I know, ‘OK, I’m gonna go do this.’ It just happened…”

Shedeur is using his famous watch flex to make a few coins off the field.

On his web store, the athlete has been selling black sweatshirts adorned with his signature move for $100. They’re sold out but hopefully more will be in stock. Now, it may be time to start thinking about NIL watch deals for the rising Colorado football star.

During a recent press conference, Deion Sanders said he would love to see his son land “a lucrative watch deal.”

“He can’t keep doing it for free. We got to capitalize. He is my son. We gotta capitalize on the moment, right?”



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