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Denishia Lewis texas man racism

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A Texas woman is speaking out after she says she was verbally assaulted by a white security guard in a convenience store after an alleged road rage incident. 

According to KHOU 11, last week Denishia Lewis was driving along Airport Boulevard near the Southwest Freeway in Stafford when she honked her horn at a man on a motorcycle who wasn’t moving as the light turned green. 

Denishia Lewis eventually drove around the man, only for him to accelerate and punch her rearview mirror. 

“He accelerates his gas, comes from the right lane and punches my rear mirror, uh the side mirror,” Lewis told the publication. 

Lewis says she then saw the man pull into a local 7/11 convenience store and that’s when she walked in and asked the man about her broken mirror. 

“I walked in. I said, ‘Excuse me, sir, did you just punch my mirror?’ He said, “F*** you, you n**** b****,’” said Lewis.

The black woman began recording the incident on Snapchat but wasn’t able to record the full exchange. 

In the short video that has since gone viral, you can hear the man call the woman, “n***** trash” and when Lewis shockingly questions the man’s slurs, he continues his verbal assault. 

“Yeah she is a stupid n*****,” the man said on the video.

When Denishia Lewis left the convenience store, she says the man followed her continuing to berate her with racial slurs. 

“When I walked off, he then followed me, ‘Come here you n***** b****, come here you n***** b****,’ and spit on me,” Lewis said.  

Denishia Lewis also said she has filed a police report with the Stafford Police Department in hopes they will stop him from harassing others.

“He needs help,” said Lewis. “I may even need counseling.”

Activist Quanell X also condemned the verbal assault, calling the man “a danger to society.” 

“This man is a danger to society,” X told KHOU 11. “He’s already demonstrated he will commit a hate crime against an African American and use racist, hateful language on a female, spit on her, walking around with a gun.”

Although the officer’s name hasn’t been reported, X users claim the man worked for Priority Protection & Investigations Inc.

On Saturday, the company issued a statement on social media saying the man in the video is no longer an employee of the company. 

We want to address a recent situation that has come to our attention. We understand that there have been concerns circulating regarding an ex-employee (redacted), who used to work for our company but has not been affiliated with us since 2021.

This (redacted) has been gaining attention on TikTok for making statements that are deeply troubling and racially insensitive. We want to be unequivocally clear: we do not condone or support any form of racism or harmful behavior, and we certainly do not align with the beliefs and actions of this former employee.

Our company is committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and respectful work environment. We believe in the importance of equality, diversity, and the fundamental principles of respect for all individuals, regardless of their background, race, or beliefs. We continually strive to uphold these values and remain dedicated to making positive contributions to our community and society as a whole.


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