Op-Ed: Tim Scott Calls Liberals ‘Racist’ For Dragging Him Over Trump Gushing, But Black People Deserve Credit

Tim Scott at the 2024 New Hampshire Presidential Primary

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

S outh Carolina Sen. Tim Scott appears to be very offended by the public reaction to his public show of affection for GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Perhaps, in Scott’s mind, people are ruining what was a tender moment between him and his MAGA man-crush during Trump’s victory speech following his landslide win over Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire GOP primary.

During an appearance on Fox News last Thursday, Scott responded to the criticism leveled at him for telling Trump, “I just love you,” in response to the ex-president’s awkward attempt at humiliating Haley while on stage celebrating his victory.

During the interview with Sean Hannitythe white boomer bumper sticker of right-wing journalism—Scott lashed out at his detractors calling them “vile and disgusting” and declaring that “the most racist [people] in the country are liberals.”

“They’re trying to make sure that any other minority who will think for themselves and consider the GOP — they want to send a message to every single one of them: ‘Step outta line and we’ll attack you, too,’” Scott said.

Scott appears to be implying that white liberals are the only people mocking him in the media and on social media—and that’s where a lot of us should truly be offended.

I’m a Black journalist, and I’m sure there are Black journalists across the nation who will agree: We should not stand for Scott’s erasure of the fine work we’ve been doing dragging the hell out of him while he gives white progressives all the credit.

We didn’t spend all of this bandwidth publishing all of these think pieces calling Scott a tap-dancing, sambo-signifying, white voter-placating, disingenuous apologist for American racism just for him to play around in our faces and pretend he’s only being mocked by “liberals,” who tend to be recognized as white by default, especially in the context of being called “racist” against a Black person.

Poor Al Sharpton must have been aghast at Scott’s disrespectful audacity for ignoring it when Sharpton called his public Trump-humping “humiliating.”

And what about the trend-setting digital gathering spot formerly known as Black Twitter? (I guess we could call it “Black X” now, but that just sounds a little too on the nose.) When Tim Scott started gushing over Trump on stage, Black people absolutely led the cringe train in mocking him relentlessly on the socials.

Scott is doing what Black conservatives often do, which is to imply that Democrats and white liberals are responsible for the Black collective’s disdain for Black conservatives when the truth is so many Black people have regarded them as modern-day house slaves all along. There’s a reason Scott always falls flat when he gets in front of Black audiences pushing the same pseudo-colorblind narrative he serves up to his largely white and fragile constituency.

Aside from all that, Scott has made his entire platform in the political world about denying racism in America, but as soon as he’s getting dragged for a drag-worthy thing, he wants to cry racism on his own behalf.

And it’s that kind of shamelessness and lack of self-awareness that got him here in the first place.


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