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A Democratic candidate for Florida’s Senate seat, Jeff Greene, is being criticized for his friendship with Mike Tyson. The Orlando Sentinel writes:

He’s got the president of the Florida Federation of Republican Women, the president of Florida NOW (National Organization of Women) and the First VP of the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida sounding like they’ve found common ground on something.

The issue? That maybe, when you’re picking someone to serve as best man at your wedding, you find a friend who hasn’t been convicted of rape and accused of spousal abuse.

Greene, the Palm Beach billionaire who  jumped into the Democratic senate primary, chose Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champ and sexual offender, as his best man when he got married in 2007.

Greene has defended his friendship with Tyson, saying:

“I didn’t live my life looking over my shoulder thinking I was going to run for office like some of these politicians worrying about who their friends are…


Mike Tyson is someone I’ve known for many years. He’s had a lot of difficulties…I’m basically the kind of person that when I see someone who’s down and out, I want to see them do better.”


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