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Memorial Day Marked At Arlington National Cemetery

The rolling hills of headstones mark the final resting place of service men and women at Arlington National Cemetery on May 27, 2024, in Arlington, Virginia. | Source: Kent Nishimura / Getty

It has been nearly three and a half years since an angry and misinformed MAGA mob staged an attack on the U.S. Capitol resulting in the death of one of the rioters, and it seems white conservatives are still desperately trying to make Ashli Babbitt their George Floyd.

As you know, Babbitt was shot and killed during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot by a police officer as she and other rioters attempted to break into a sealed-off part of the Capitol building. Suddenly, white people of the MAGA persuasion forgot how to say the words, “They should have complied,” “Cops have a really hard job,” and “blue lives matter,” and, instead, they shifted to a narrative that made Babbitt a martyr as opposed to a criminal who was killed by a cop while she was breaking the law and ignoring the officer’s orders. Well, that hypocrisy continued to play out over Memorial Day weekend as Jan 6. enthusiasts celebrated the rioter as a military veteran who died in the “service of this great Country.”

Obviously, Memorial Day is meant to celebrate U.S. soldiers who died on active duty, not veterans who died trying to forcibly upend democracy by attacking the Capitol while the votes of a legal and fair election were being certified. Babbitt may have been in the Air Force for 12 years, but she wasn’t killed while at war, she was killed while being a traitor.

Anyway, let’s start with this couple of MAGA supporters who were turned away at the entrance of Arlington National Cemetery while trying to drive “Ashli Babbitt Memorial Stone” through it. The truck was reportedly being driven by the father of two Jan. 6. rioters who were once fugitives.

Here’s a white man who wholly believes Babbitt deserves the honor of being buried in the same cemetery as Confederate General Robert E. Lee, and, to be fair, they are both treasonous conservatives who fought to disenfranchise Black people.

But, I mean, come onLee fought for the preservation of Black people being owned as property of white people. All Babbitt did was try to get votes from majority Black and Latino precincts tossed out by overthrowing the government. Yet here’s the same man praying to his god on behalf of Jan. 6 rioters who he says “gave their lives in the cause of freedom.”

This, of course, wasn’t the only group of reality-denying QMorons who are trying their damnedest to make a patriotic hero out of someone who died trying to thwart the most sacred political process of the nation she supposedly loves. Jan. 6 supporters gathered in Washington D.C. on Memorial Day for the second year in a row to honor Babbitt during what they erroneously call a “Freedom March.”

From Raw Story:

The march was set to begin at 3 p.m. at the Peace Monument in D.C. Demonstrators said they would walk to the “D.C. Gulag, in remembrance of Ashli Babbitt and others who gave all in service of this great Country.”

The groups also encouraged supporters to participate in the Ashli Babbitt Memorial Day Hero workout earlier in the day. The event was scheduled to coincide with the exercise period for the incarcerated Jan. 6 defendants.

“Join the Jan 6ers in a Memorial Day Hero workout honoring Ashli Babbitt and her ultimate sacrifice standing for Our rights,” the group said. “The workout is designed so the political prisoners detained can also do the workout with us.”

Again, Babbitt got herself killed while breaking through the glass window of a room in the Capitol that was barricaded off and where an armed police officer was protecting others. She got herself killed over Donald Trump’s “big lie” regarding widespread voter fraud that did not exist. She wasn’t “standing” for anyone’s “rights,” she was falling for Trump’s nonsense and it resulted in her dying for the cause of ensuring that Black and brown voters weren’t represented.

Jan. 6 rioters who have been arrested are also not “political prisoners.” They are violent thugs who don’t understand how our political system even works, which is why it was so easy to dupe them into believing Trump was cheated out of a second term, despite dozens of judges across lower courts, appellate courts and the Supreme Court, the former head of election cybersecurity, Trump’s own attorney general and the Department of Justice saying there was no evidence of a rigged election.

If these Jan. 6 thug supporters really insist on staging a “workout” on behalf of these people, maybe they should do it at a prison gym where they can lift weights right alongside their false “freedom” fighters.

These people are pathetic and so, so stupid.


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