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And let’s really do it right this time.

Let’s install our own leadership over there. Put Jay-Z in charge. Then let’s go after Ireland and install Will Smith. Then let’s take over the rest of Europe. As many countries as we have rappers for.

The good folks at BP are sonning us crazy. Carl-Henric Svanberg says, “We care about the small people.”

Small people?

Then to make sure that we didn’t miss the diss he added, “The American People”.

Look man, we don’t have no European class system over here. There’s no Duke or Duchess of Jacksonville, Florida. We don’t wear those funny outfits or powder our faces unless we’re partying in Greenwich Village!

We knew before you tried to clown us that the “small people” are the American people.

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If Barack Obama proves anything, it’s that our “small people” can become President. That’s why I hope Barack becomes so insulted that he sends out a bunch of rappers to conquer Europe. Puts Puffy in charge of France.

People have been waiting for Obama to show an ugly side and I think it’s high time. Lets send our soldiers right into the middle of Piccadilly Circus.

Let’s run the dreds outta Brixton.

Lets do to downtown London what we did to downtown Baghdad.

Then get those bloody wankers in Parliament to bugger off.

I mean think about it: one of their companies has virtually ruined our southern coastline. We’re the only country that’s allowed to be that callous towards the international community.

Great Britain is treating us the way Super Powers are only supposed to treat Third World nations and I say it’s time we dead that.

Also, if you know anything about Revolutionary War history, you know that British tried to incite Black slaves into attacking our masters.

We wouldn’t do it. We knew this day would come. And now that we have a Black president that can pay you guys back for trying to con us into a suicide mission that would have only benefited ya’ll, it’s time that we get some getback.

So brace yourself, England.


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