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There seems to be a war of some sorts going on between white supremacist hackers and African American and Hip Hop websites. Earlier today a hacker spammed the words “white power” all over the social networking site, Blackplanet.

Earlier this year, white supremacists hackers shut down the website and put up racist and Nazi images. They also attempted to hack into other websites such as and

On the site, Encyclopedia Dramatica, white supremacist hackers detailed their war with Sohh and other rap websites, including their motivations, tactics and goals. refugees spread to the remaining hip-hop communities, such as and A few strike teams followed the Pro-N****r Faction refugees to their new sanctuaries to measure resistance and preach the wrath of a mobilized Anonymous. The Low Orbital Cannons were ordered to retreat, and the strategic zerg rush of Anonymous was brought back into the planning stages for the next devastating assault on this atrocious cultural blight on the internet. Many n***rs and w****s became downright fearful and ratted out their fellow kin, while others were even baleeting their accounts in fear.

An anonymous hacker made the following statement about the E-War on SOHH:

I see you have finally gotten around to the n****r dens on the internet. I am very experienced with these groups of people. Allow me to tell you about their psychological failures and how they compensate for it.

For starters, they are not your average MySpace user. They come from a culture that teaches them never to try. Because of this, they claim that no matter what happens to them, they win. If they do not try, they have nothing to lose, and thusly, they cannot be defeated… therefore, they always win in their peanut-sized n****r minds.

They are emotional slaves. They get a taste of adrenaline and they run with it for as long as possible. In addition, it’s certain that they view this attack as a race war. They see this as the long-awaited white nerds vs. hood n****r war promised to them by their drug-addled street prophets.

Allhiphop co-founders issued a statement after their site was temporarily shut down last June.

Chuck Creekmur and Greg Watkins said:

Urban culture and lifestyle has come under attack by a group of cyber terrorists. AllHipHop and SOHH, two pioneering Web sites that have been in the industry for over 10 years, are appalled by the unprovoked racist attacks of these cyber terrorists. With all the social strides that we have seen for several years, it is sad to see that this sort of blatant, hateful racism still exists in 2008 — a time of tremendous possibility. Together, AllHipHop and SOHH are committed to relentlessly pursuing these attackers, using every resource available, to ensure the capture of these criminals and prevention of repeat offenses., hub to the world’s largest social online community for Black web users, has also been hacked by a racist messenger. Unfortunately, the hate group attack is not the first such mission among white supremacists and similar fringe groups, and won’t likely be the last.