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Four young buddies in the Bronx – one only 12 years old – are suing the city for $1 million a pop after they were arrested for having a water-balloon fight on a 90-degree day.

In the water-balloon case, prosecutors dropped charges against three of those arrested the next day while a fourth – the 12-year-old – is expected back in Family Court next week.

The four – Erick Martinez, 16; Ryan Ginyard, 18; Jayvon McKinney, 12, and Maurice Manners, 21 – were part of a larger group of about 25 people cooling off on Walton Ave. on May 26 when cops arrested 11 of them and charged them with disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly, according to Neil Wollerstein, a lawyer for the families, who is filing preliminary legal papers today.

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