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From the NY Times:

David W. Johnson, the former senior aide to Gov. David A. Paterson whose domestic violence case prompted the governor to abandon his election bid, has invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself, refusing to answer questions in the investigation into the matter, according to a person with knowledge of his actions.

Mr. Johnson also would not answer questions in a separate state inquiry after he received a subpoena from the Commission on Public Integrity requiring him to testify about his role in securing five World Series tickets from the Yankees for Mr. Paterson and others who went to the game with him last fall, the person said.

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In early March, the commission issued a report stating that the governor had violated state ethics laws by accepting the tickets and had falsely testified under oath when he told investigators that he had always intended to pay for them.

Mr. Johnson’s lawyer, Oscar Michelen, declined to comment on Tuesday about his client’s cooperation with investigators in either inquiry.

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