David Paterson, New York's first-ever Black governor, recently shared an anecdote about Andrew Cuomo backstabbing him that lends credence to mounting questions about the disgraced governor's character.

NEW YORK  – New York University says former Democratic Gov. David Paterson is joining its teaching staff. NYU spokesman John Beckman says Paterson will guest lecture and take part in conferences and events at the school this semester. He says Paterson will work to develop courses he’ll teach during the next school year. Paterson spoke […]

Somewhere mixed up in all the convoluted history that we’ve been forced to internalize, the image of the non-violent Black in the face of white hostility has still managed to survive despite all the evidence to the contrary. For some reason—maybe because white history books have gone to painstaking lengths to downplay just how violently […]

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York Gov. David Paterson commuted the sentence Thursday of a black man imprisoned for the racially charged shooting death of a white teenager on Long Island, a decision in the final days of his administration that infuriated the lawyer who prosecuted the case.

Mocked for years on “Saturday Night Live” as a clueless blind man, the governor of New York appeared on the show’s season premiere to dish right back. Gov. David Paterson came on the show’s “Weekend Update” segment early Sunday and interrupted cast member Fred Armisen, who was in character as the governor. Armisen plays Paterson […]

New York Gov. David Paterson on Tuesday signed into law the first extensive domestic workers’ rights measure in the nation, which he said will correct historic injustices.

Gov. Paterson is downplaying the new taxes in the freshly completed state budget, but admits at least one will hurt the poor.

From NYTimes.com: The retired judge investigating Gov. David A. Paterson’s intervention in a domestic violence case involving a former top aide will not recommend any charges against the governor, according to a person with knowledge of the case.

From NYDailyNews.com: Gov. Paterson Friday signed into law the controversial stop and frisk legislation that forces the NYPD to delete the names of people questioned – but not arrested – from its electronic database.

From the NY Times: David W. Johnson, the former senior aide to Gov. David A. Paterson whose domestic violence case prompted the governor to abandon his election bid, has invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself, refusing to answer questions in the investigation into the matter, according to a person with knowledge of […]

From MSNBC: Critics ripped Gov. David Paterson for approving pay hikes to at least five aides a day after the Legislature authorized unprecedented furloughs for state employees.

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York’s Legislature has approved unprecedented furloughs for state workers to contend with the state’s fiscal crisis. Democratic Gov. David Paterson forced the vote on an emergency spending bill that includes the one-day-a-week furloughs for about 100,000 state workers, meant to save $30 million a week. Click here to view photos: The […]