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Karen Cooper, a 38-year-old African American, who works as mail carrier for the United States Postal Service, is now speaking out on why she recently joined the Tea Party and no longer supports President Obama.

She originally voted for President Obama in 2008, but says she won’t vote for him if he runs for a second term. “I thought he was going to provide a positive role model to blacks to show them that they could succeed in this great nation. Instead he has coddled black people,” she says.

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Cooper says Obama lost her trust when he nominated Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court and with his handling of the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr.

She classifies her experience with the Tea Party Movement as “wonderful” and rejects the recent NAACP condemnation of the Tea Party as racist. “It’s absurd,” the New York native said. “I’ve never seen anything racist about it. At the meetings there are patriotic Americans. No one should talk about the Tea Party unless they have gone to the meetings.” Cooper criticizes President Obama’s spending, but rejects the Republican Party, who she views as obsessed with “getting re-elected.”

It seems Cooper does not support a President who sympathizes, nominates, or supports people of their own race. Has she seen the US Congress lately?

According to Cooper, we cannot criticize the Tea Party, until we go to a meeting. The signs the Tea Party display don’t typically look like invitations for blacks, do they Cooper?

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