The Supreme Court rejected an appeal from a Black man on death row who claims he didn’t get a fair trial because of racial bias among jurors.

Wednesday's ceremony again proved that Black people are the culture, the movement and the soul of America.

Kamala Harris made history on Wednesday after she was sworn into office as the first Black woman to become Vice President of the United States.


Most of us didn’t pay attention to the White House Easter Egg Roll until the Obamas took office. And a lucky few of us were even able to join in on the festivities.

The John Roberts’ (pictured) court did not completely pull out the rug from under affirmative action. Yet one could argue that it tripped Michigan’s Affirmative Action program to its knees and then proceeded to kick it to the ground in order for it to chew on at least part of the very rug it’s kneeled […]

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia didn’t bother with subtlety while articulating his racial resentment during oral arguments on the Voting Rights Act Wednesday, particularly its key provision. According to the conservative-leaning judge, Section 5 of the law, which requires state and local governments with a history of racial discrimination to pre-clear any changes to their […]

Karen Cooper, an 38 year old African American, who works as mail carrier for the United States Postal Service, is now speaking out on why she recently joined the Tea Party and no longer supports President Obama.