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Margaret Whitman, a Republican candidate running for governor of California, is making a habit of being a “no-show” at forums her camp has created for Blacks and Latinos.

The forum, which was scheduled to be held in the San Francisco Christian Center, was created for Blacks and Latino organizations to ask questions about issues affecting their communities. This forum was significant because the two remaining debates will not be held in urban communities.

To date, Whitman’s campaign has spent over 50 million dollars on TV, radio, and print, but has yet to spend a cent on African American media outlets. Not only has her camp not chosen to use African-American outlets, but they have refused invitations.

She possibly is assured that having Condoleezza Rice’s endorsement will be enough to assure the black community of California.

Hopefully, they have not fallen for this gimmick.

Rice Endorsement Video:

Her lack of concern for black people is reflected in her actions, as well as her statements. In 2009, she mentioned that she is a “big fan” of Van Jones and what he is doing in Oakland, and in the same breath called him “articulate”– a clear indication of her belief of the notion of black intellectual inferiority.

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