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Elon James White is back with another edition of This Week in Blackness, brought to you for the first time by!

With Jesse Jackson attacking the Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner, the NAACP fighting the Tea Party’s racism, the NAACP then buying into the racism of a Fox News attack on Shirley Sherrod, Elon says that 2010 has been the Blackest. Summer. Ever.

Elon’s best bites:

  • “At this point, Jesse Jackson is just like Black people’s crazy uncle.”
  • “There’s a time to talk, and then there’s a time to Shut. Shit. Down.”
  • “The NAACP completely sold [Shirley Sherrod] down the river on some bulls**t… It was amazing because all the cool points the NAACP just got [went] completely out the window.”
  • “If Glen Beck can go on television and be a d***hole every day, I think I should be allowed to be a little bit of a douche. I’m a douche for Good.”

Check it below [NSFW – Language]:


Clueless Is The New Racist

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