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Welcome to the Newsone Daily Sports Roundup.

#1 Knicks re-hire Isiah Thomas as consultant

Newsone Analysis: While many will criticize this move, I won’t. For one, the Knicks aren’t bringing him back to replace Donnie Walsh. He is being brought in as a consultant. We can all agree that Thomas has a great eye for talent. He drafted Damon Stoudemire, Marcus Camby, and a host of others in his NBA career. While he may not be any good at building a team, he is one of the best in the business at spotting talent.

Many across the net are surprised at Thomas being brought back to the Knicks. But anyone who has followed the Isiah/Knicks saga throughout the years will know that he and Owner James Dolan are real close. This was inevitable.

#2 Former Florida Gator John Curtis found dead; Possible suicide

Newsone Analysis: This is very sad news. I vaguely remember him contributing to the Tebow era Gator teams. All our prayers go out to the family.

#3 Fan Dies On Field Before Dodger Game

Newsone Analysis: This death happened during a Mormon Festival that was taking place before the game during the game. The fan is said to have collapsed after a heart attack.

#4 Alabama Tops College Football Preseason Poll

Newsone Analysis: While I believe Alabama will be a tough team to beat this year, the best team in the country is Ohio State. No one will beat them. We’ll revisit this prediction in January.

#5 Roger Huerta Street Fight Video

Newsone Analysis: The former UFC fighter attacked an unidentified Black man when he saw him hit a random woman on an Austin, Texas street. It then turned into an all-out brawl.

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Newsone Daily Sports Roundup