Glen Kuiper lost his job more than 2 weeks after saying the racial slur on live TV.

Dallas Braden addressed his on-air partner Glen Kuiper saying the N-word on TV.

An old video of Glen Kuiper has surfaced.

If the MLB really wants more U.S.–born Blacks to play baseball again, then it will need to bring baseball back to the hood.

Smith has helped her team to perfect their swing and pitches to tee with her winning formula.

Good News

Buck O’Neil—the MLB’s first Black coach—was posthumously inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Good News

NBA champion Giannis Antetokounmpo acquired an ownership stake in the Milwaukee Brewers.

News sources are reporting that the baseball fan at a Colorado Rockies game accused of repeatedly yelling the N-word to a Black player was instead actually shouting out the name of the team mascot.

Minnesota sports teams postponed games Monday out of respect for Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old Brooklyn Center man killed by police during a traffic stop on Sunday.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and House Speaker David Ralston are placing the blame on everyone except for themselves.

The baseball hero overcame defining odds as one of the most prolific athletes over the last century. He died on Jan. 22 from an unknown cause.

Good News

Bianca Smith has made history as the MLB’s first Black woman coach.