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If we were to take a religious survey of America’s incarcerated criminals, we’d probably find that most of them are Christian.

In fact, if we were to attribute the crimes to the professed religion of the perpetrators, then not only was the near-genocide of the American Indian a work of Christians, but also the Transatlantic Slave Trade and the European Holocaust.

Of course, most Christians would say that the people that committed those atrocities weren’t “real” Christians. And they’d be right.

Jesus Christ didn’t steal a single piece of land, enslave any Africans or kill any Jews.

Therefore, we have to be sensible enough to realize that just because somebody professes to be a member of a religion doesn’t mean that everything he or she does is truly in the name of that religion.

Most Muslims were horrified by 9/11. And most of them reacted to the news that the perpetrators of that crime were professed Muslims like many older Black people react when they hear of a crime on television and then look up to see that the face of the criminal is Black.

They think—and sadly, often correctly—that the next day at work or at the supermarket or wherever they encounter white people that they’ll be judged right along with the fool that was on the news the night before in handcuffs.

I’m starting to really like Barack Obama if only because he’s doing things that nobody else would have the guts to do.

1-10 stupid Americans already believes the guy is a Muslim, so when he stood up on Friday and defended the rights for a Muslim mosque to be built in lower Manhattan, New York near the sight of the 9/11 tragedy, he left himself wide open for that cast of crusaders who ride against his every pronouncement, even if he’s only stating the day of the week.

Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani and national-scene new-jack Rick Lazio all went in on Barack, conveniently forgetting, I’m guessing, that one of the reasons that Europeans, the original “illegal immigrants”, gave for establishing The United States of America was that they wanted freedom from religious persecution.

Oh well.

The Tea Party is already a subtle renunciation our alleged Jeffersonian Democracy so should we really be surprised?

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