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Indiana Pacers draft pick Lance Stephenson allegedly threw his girlfriend, Jasmine Williams, down the stairs and “slammed” her head into the bottom stair because she wouldn’t pick up her phone while she was apparently on a girls’ night out.

A friend of Williams’s dad told the Daily News, “He was calling her cell phone, she wasn’t answering. This wasn’t the first time this happened…The father spoke to [Stephenson’s] parents before. They said, ‘We aren’t going to call the cops and mess up his career but this has to stop. Enough is enough.'”

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Stephenson allegedly ambushed Williams as she returned to her Brooklyn apartment with two friends, but the rookie’s lawyer said, “Mr. Stephenson did not maliciously, intentionally or in any other way cause harm to Jasmine Williams. Everyone, especially Lance, regrets that this incident occurred.” The Coney Island native was originally a first round NBA draft pick, but got knocked down to second round due to a 2008 bust for sexually abusing a 17-year-old girl.

“We have been made aware of a situation involving Lance Stephenson early Sunday morning in Brooklyn,” Pacers president Larry Bird said in a statement. “We are currently in the process of gathering information and will have further comments as we learn more facts.”

Stephenson, 19, has been charged with third-degree assault and is awaiting arraignment, according to the Daily News.

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