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Howard Stern weighed in on Dr. Laura Shlessinger’s ‘n-word’ controversy Wednesday morning, calling the conservative talk radio host an “a–hole”.

“She’s such an a–hole,” Stern said of Dr. Laura. “I’m so glad she’s leaving, but she won’t leave. You’ll see. it’s all bulls–t. You know, I don’t care that she used the ‘n-word’. You know? I just want her to leave…I want her to leave for other reasons. Everything other than the ‘n-word’.”

Stern played audio of Dr. Laura’s public resignation on Larry King Live Tuesday night, and her statement that she was quitting because “I want to regain my first amendment rights”.

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Stern then rephrased Shlessinger’s statement in his own words: “I want to be free, Larry, to say the ‘n word’.”

“You know just because you have first amendment rights doesn’t mean all your speech is appropriate,” said Stern, who arguably knows more about being inappropriate than anyone else in the history of radio. “She hasn’t lost any rights. Some people didn’t like what she has to say.”

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