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A high school football player in Portland, Oregon, had a heart attack during a game Friday and was brought back to life by a cardiac nurse who just happened to be in the stands.

It was Friday night and down to the wire against Canby. The quarterback passed the ball to Demison who ran it in for a touchdown and the win.


Hayward said “it was very intense. People went crazy. They were like oh he’s going he’s going he’s gone.”

Demison’s heart was racing! But his pulse never subsided. In fact it kept getting faster and faster.

Hayward said “I was like, Coach I can’t breath, and I asked him to get my inhaler.”

“He had been diagnosed with athletes asthma a couple years ago so we thought maybe he was having an episode,” said Coach Pyne.

But Demison’s inhaler just made things worse.

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He collapsed into his coaches arms.

Registered Nurse Lisa Lyver just happened to be in the stands.

“It sure didn’t look like asthma to me being as unresponsive as he was,” she said.

Seconds later she was by Demison’s side.

Lisa Lyver said “he was not breathing he didn’t have a pulse, pupils weren’t reacting to anything, everyone was shouting at him, at that point, I started doing chest compressions on him.”

Demison’s heart stopped for 2 minutes. Lyver said he needed a defibrillator but she prayed for a miracle and then it happened.

Lisa Lyver said “you could actually feel his heart start beating right under my hands. It’s amazing. It’s amazing to see somebody come back to life.”

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