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The Grio is reporting that a student in Vicksburg, Mississippi has been told that he can not attend homecoming festivities unless he cuts off his dreadlocks.

A Mississippi teen’s hairstyle is keeping him off of his homecoming court. A week before Vicksburg High School’s homecoming festivities several escorts found out that they would not be participating.

Patrick Richardson said school officials told him that his hair is keeping him from escorting one of the homecoming maids. The 16-year-old is sad that he won’t be in the next Vicksburg High School yearbook, pictured escorting his best friend Sa’shia Jones who was chosen junior class maid.

Patrick said after paying to have a tux fitting last Thursday, the principal called him to the auditorium and told him that he could not be a homecoming escort because he wears dread locked hair. The junior was told he would have to cut it to be an escort.

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